The Dark Magic Armour Set and Stash Sale This Weekend

Nice one!
1 day longer please ,
i get my money on the last day of the month xDD
Definitely looks cool.. but not 75$ cool.

Why are armor sets so expensive anyway?
Kinda cool, too much of the blue though.
"Death is only the beginning."
Damn, I bought my map and divination card stash yesterday, only if I knew :(
Love it, looks amazing!
Masked Malefic
Why so expensive
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Please do a stash tab to combine all these league tabs!
when it will be on sale with a discount?
Dumpster tab to quad upgrade when?
4 Dumpster to quad tab upgarde when?

I have no use for mtx so quad upgrades are all I want. I mailed support and they let me refund 1 bundle set, which i then bought 4 new quads, I asked if I could do it again and they said No, it was a once off. I explained that I would spending MOAH to get MOAH quads but they didn't want my money or the extra sales.............

I didn't buy anything.
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