Dark Magic Weapon Effect and Dark Magic Wings

Still overpriced
Kekw, adding another MTX to news feedline asap just to cover stash tab negative comments, POG GGG.
BLUERSH!3T ... everywhere.

What about a challenge GGG? try to make an MTX w/o the lame blur effect. It's everywhere nowadays on your MTXs, like... ZERO fantasy.

The wings, meh, they are behaving weird af while moving, dunno, as if I would put 2 wooden branches on my back. Fixed as concrete. That's not how wings work/move in physics reality. Swinging from side to side.
Wings are more like a gyroscopic mechanism, adjusting their positon towards the moves/steps and not copying the body turn/swinging.
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Whats the helmet from the thumbnail ?
Wings: Same physic as Project Wings. While PW it's logical, this just look stupid.

Weapon Effect: Only good on sword. wtf. WPE on bow is always trash.

And why is these 3 not in a bundle? I would buy it in a 200p bundle not separated like this.
Need more frontal assets and backal assets armor!
cant wait to see the armor set
We need skill effect

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