Dark Magic Weapon Effect and Dark Magic Wings

i really like the trail effects on the weapon mtx yall release, keep that up and i'll keep buying them.

my fav MTX line is the celestial by far, id love to spend more money to support the creation of that line, especially skill augments
looks good
If this is the supporter pack, i would definitely get this one.
I do like this set.

This feels like a set that should have an Arc MTX in it. The aesthetic just screams 'Arc'.
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Superb job on the weapon effect.
Damned i hate the light trail on the weapon effect when character is moving you put everytime now.

You should really look into overhauling your character animations. All these wing MTX are really pretty, but they all feel silly as heck swaying side to side with that lumbering walk animation on most characters. I bought an Invisible Buff effect for my war banners even though I like the look, but I just can't stand the swaying.
that's exactly the right color tone for blue.
also amazing physics on the wings and detailed animations on the sword swinging.
well done!
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Got a lot of Blue MTXs so I do not need any more, but nice!
Stay awhile... and listen.
Whaaa veeryy nice!!! :O

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