3.11.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

yakoob wrote:
This patch seriously screwed up my game. Prepatch almost stable 60fps, now i get 30-40 fps most of the time with like 5 fps drops or 1s freezes and even game crashes. When I click the seed thingy and seeds drop i get fps drop to literally zero for a split second. Also can we get an option to remove the bloom effect? It makes the game look like 100 contrast 100 brightness as if we were watching the game thru a milky fog. Please, it's terrible.

Exacly my game.
Wow I was literally experiencing both ways to crash the game. No wondering I was blue screening so often
chizmunch wrote:
Wow I was literally experiencing both ways to crash the game. No wondering I was blue screening so often

This thread is about PC not PS4

But don't worry, quality of the PS4 port will be the same as PC or even worse due to hardware limitation or PS4 and PS4 Pro
I am not a GGG employee.

About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
I don't know if the issue is the new renderer, or if the Tron graphics are just too much, or what, but this league is basically unplayable as it stands. I cannot imagine GGG is okay with a league in which the game crashes a dozen times in act one, while the player is only using skills and mechanics which existed and worked fine last league.

Long time listener, first time caller. I've never posted on patch notes before, but I've also never had as bad an experience with a new league.

I tried brands expecting issues, borked. Crashed in literally every zone of act one, at least once.
I tried minions, borked.
Tried bleed ground slam, got further through sheer stubbornness, but it was crashing every 20 minutes - significantly better performance once I dropped the new support gem. Got to about level 50 before my brain started growing appendages and attempted a bid for freedom.
Tried everything, everything is borked.

Please let me enjoy your game again!

I would like it if you focused less on patching Mathil and more on patching stability.
But, so I'm clear, I do love the game!
I just loved it more when I could play it
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LaxerFL420 wrote:
This is what? The 6th patch since 3.11 was released... all of 5 days ago?

After all these years and all these leagues, GGG still can't get it right! Normally I would commend a company for supporting their game so well and so promptly but the fact that since 3.11 came out the game is TOTALLY unplayable for me is keeping me from seeing all this in a positive light!

On Thursday the 18th I could play just find under 3.10. Friday the 19th comes along with this Harvest 3.11 patch and boom, I can no longer play my most favorite game!

I LOVE PoE. It really is just about the only game I play seriously anymore. I'm not a teenager with lots of time on hands or in my 20's able to stay up all night playing a game and still bounce back the next day to work on 2 hours sleep, lol! I'm in 40's and I'm busy and I need a full 8 hours sleep at night if I'm going to be any use to anyone the next day! Therefore my gaming time is precious to me and I have to choose a game that will bring me the most pleasure for the time invested. PoE fit that bill perfectly for awhile now!

I love the depth of the game. I love the community surrounding the game. And right up until 3.11 on Friday, I could play this game no problem on my admittedly less that monstrous laptop. I don't know what you guys did in this patch but I can't play, AT ALL!!

If I can manage to connect to the servers at all which in and of itself a real crap shoot since patch day, and if my character can manage to connect to the game and actually spawn in town which is again another roll of the dice, the performance is SO bad, the lag so severe, the totally freezing so often, that if I manage to stay connected to the game, my literally slide show performance of 3 to 6 FPS makes the game unplayable.

Please let me revert to 3.10 and I'll play in standard, I don't care. I just want to play this game I've invested so much time into, use the stash tabs I've spent real money on, and enjoy the little time I have to play a game! PLEASE!!


I have found the way, my brothers.
Let me show you the way.

After easily 200 resets of my PlayStation (computer hasn't run POE in a couple of years) and an abortive attempt on the xbone, I tried resetting the modem, and wouldn't you know it bloody worked!

It's not perfect, I got booted to the menu once, but it didn't crash the console this time. We can discuss whether or not restartless is a word after we restart our modems, but if you are having issues staying in the game, try that. It shouldn't work, but it did for me.

Kind of.
I just updated my video driver and now my game crashes almost every time i enter a map. it's cancer! I did all teh restarts on client/PC and still the same. Any idea what could it be?
My computer ran 3.10 very well. Since 3.11 i have constant screen freezes and fps drops at bare minimum graphics. I have disabled most sounds via the ini file and set the screen resolution to 720p and i am still having issues with fps drops and screen freezes.
You used to copy mathil's builds, now you'll have to copy mathil's rig to play. Still gonna lag and crash.

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