3.11.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

G4M3PL4YR4J4 wrote:
Is restartlessly a word commonly used. this is the first time i read that word... Did GGG just invent a phrase by accident for the gaming community?

Yes, they have literally been using 'restartlessly' for YEARS now. Is it a word? No. Do you know EXACTLY what it means? Yes.

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WisestWolf wrote:
"fixed a bug where a skill was working the same way it has done for 3 years"

You never had the ability to use Wave of Conviction this way before. Cos to do this it'd have to originate inside the monster, which only the recent addition of Arcanist Brand enabled. No, not even mines achieved this.
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D3 has new season two days ago and ques what, NO FIX PATCH!
GGG shame!
At this point im starting to believe that GGG is outsourcing it's coding section due to pandemic, i can't believe this is the same team that made it through Delirium . The highlighting...wtf...the idea was to set different colours for different elemental outcomes or tags, like caster, physical, lightning, etc...
am I the only one with performance problems after this update?
maybe the fix for the invisible items is now hurting other systems?
IGN: fatings
This patch seriously screwed up my game. Prepatch almost stable 60fps, now i get 30-40 fps most of the time with like 5 fps drops or 1s freezes and even game crashes. When I click the seed thingy and seeds drop i get fps drop to literally zero for a split second. Also can we get an option to remove the bloom effect? It makes the game look like 100 contrast 100 brightness as if we were watching the game thru a milky fog. Please, it's terrible.
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Wulfgarr wrote:
Fixed a bug where various objects (including enemies) could be invisible

Bran was still invisible for me after path.

Same, for me and 2 other people I play with, we restarted, cleared shaders, and we're still getting invisible mobs & bosses nonstop.
When can console expect the new supporter packs?
They modified DX11 and the game gives massive errors of colors, textures and things that disappear.

Wellcome to poe involutions.
MalibuMoon wrote:
Was wondering why my boss damage seemed to be garbage all of a sudden. Glad I got to beta test Arcanist Brand. Thanks GGG.

Stop crying, you knew it was bugged when you copied it from Mathil.

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