What To Expect This Year

Keep doing what you guyd do best
If i were on your shoes, i'd just restrain the usual 13 week cycle from harvest down to 12 or 11 weeks simply because the content itself isn't interesting enough in my opinion, especially with the amount of players quitting the league as of today.

Looking forward to the next league's announcement.
glad 3.12 is coming earlier, so i have to play less of harvest.
What should we expect?
I bet at least 3 more stash tabs
rumblestrips wrote:
NNeto wrote:
I dont care GGG

and yet u were ready to pounce on this bit of latest news... interesting definition of not caring you have there matey:/

Exactly mate...I just dont care =)
I already quit this league. You've turned into money grabbing company with the release of the stash tabs, won't be buying any more supporter packs / coins from here on out. I'll speak with my wallet as well.
Slicer9875 wrote:
I just want 3 leagues a year again so we can have better content than just a garden we leave alone for 90% of maps. Not to mention the bugs, invisible bosses are not OK.

Seeds work on mas, not matter how much you may not the league, you can always just use it to alch your maps or for chaos recipe if you're desperate.

I'm well aware they work on and in maps, but the fact that 90% of the content boils down to me alching maps is not a good league.
Keep up the great work GGG--thanks for your constant striving for quality and excellence for the player experience! :D
Any news on PoE mobile?
harvest... "a league we are very proud of..."

Really? Really? You really proud of this league? Seems like you cater and dedicate your game to the streamer community and the "influencers" and they all dislike this league.

I've clocked 1000's of hours on PoE over the years and I can easily say this is absolutely one of the weakest leagues (among the new ~3 month league cycles).
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