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imcominghehee wrote:
Stop the league, stop the merge

What on earth are you talking about? are you merging with plants?!
End this league, give away all the challenge rewards and start the new league.
Make improvement or this is just another standard league with just crafting but no loots.
zalimah wrote:
GGG Ive been playing your game since The Beta. Over time I have seent he game grow with Increasing Religous themeing and deep meaning and thought. I was wonder if this is deliberate or random. I know the game has its own lore plot and this is where the core of this is coming from but I cant help but see evermore with current events the game has been increasing its tone. Even with the new loot boxes being light and dark Angels and Demons which is considered by the community to be one of the best loot boxes in recent years. What was the thought behind it out of everything why that. We had the White nad black loot box not long ago while this is an improvement what made you want to do another so close to the last. I know its probably becuse you knew itd bring in a ton of $ and you didnt know how well harvest would be perceived and in this time in the world you probably need the extra income especially when you dont know what the retention rate of this leuge will be thus why you also released the new curr stashes early on in the leauge when numbers are still high. I think your economic strategy very thoughtful but was the loot box randomly thought out based on the income or was it intentional based on current events. Just like the leauge with the dialog of the new harvest queen or whatever she is, and the trailer for harvest. Has very deep religious meaning and while i come to think of it GGG is almost like something else when typed out like this and at a distance. Are all these deep philosophical things random occurrences or was it pre thought out to have these hidden messages. There is no denying that someone at GGG is getting inspiration from actual religions to influence their ingame lore. Its actually one of the best Deep religous lore in a game ive ever seen hands down. Almost every single league in recent years and titles to things all go along with the religion of your game. The numbers of things and symbology is top tier in Path of Exile. Over the years you have become more and more precise. Its almost as if your company has a hive mind when making the game. Everything is so much in flow the art, writing, lore, and design has gotten so much better over time. But what is your main influence randomness, Inspiration, Or the world? I watched your talk on how you generate your leauges, terrain, and art assets. I saw thought you make your leauge with a Program that can generate almost anything you want but at random almost. You also say the game is built to be played forever because of the program that was created. Are all these leagues deliberate or random? If they are purley random and fun thought and ideas you guys are just randomly creating based on what you think would be fun then that is pretty incredible. I dont know if everyone can read Pathof Exile like a book by just playing it and looking at every small detial laid before me almost like im watching a movie of what was and what is to become then that only proves there is something deeper to this world we live in. That people are not able to see almost like they are "Veild" and need to become "Unveiled" to truly see the games deepest meanings. Who ever is the head of lore ether is a religious Genius with several doctorates in theology, physiology, and Religion. Then that proves there is somthing else that we cant see but is enacting on the world around us. Ive never seen such subtle hidden lore in a game like path of exile has. It is truly a masterpiece people would be foolish not to play you can read a story at every twist and turn of the randomly generated terrian and paths. Just like our characters when we are thrown off the side of the heavens into the waters of sin and misery we must overcome our trials as we wash ashore the beaches of Wreaclast. We start out as a baby with nothing but a sword and a single skill. We know nothing of the world we just landed in all we see as we equip this weapon given to us which is our sword in the game but our souls in reality. We see a skeleton pop from the ground we must slay him with the sword given to us by God. For it was by the grace of God we even had a sword wash up to give us the chance to survive the encounter. After the skeleton we must travel the only way we can which is up the beach for there is only water and cliffs around us and a single path to take. No matter what we want to do the only option is to continue just like life itself has. We have to live everyday and sleep and eat no matter what happens. Just as our character gets through swarms of skeletons and zombies we get to the biggest road block in our life the first major obstacle we must overcome. The first obstical represented as Hillock a enemy not to hard but not easy ethier. This is the toughest thing we have ever had to fight and even though its nothing of whats to come we think its the end if we die"fail" even once. We think no matter what happens in the rest of the game if we cant defeat the first boss easily then there is no way we will be able to conquer the rest of the game but you have no choice you have to continue no matter what and you do eventually kill Hillock wether it was in the first attempt or many we still defeated your first road block in your life. You then get to Lions Rest. the first town you will ever come across a place free of zombies and skeletons. A place of rest and relaxation. After every major battle you face in life you always rest afterwards and relfect on what you just accomplished and remember when you thought you would never get through it but you did. You laugh at even thinking back on the moments you thought it was the end and realize its nothing of what you've recently or are currently facing in your life. You talk to these new people that just came in your life and over time they become a family to you just as our familys in real life are. All we know as a young child is our family loves us even though we did nothing to deserve it. We were given a life a family and a place to rest even before we knew it. In a matter of 1 minute or so you accomplished all these things and dont even think about it. For your next task is given to you almost as fast as you walked into town. You are given things and task you must do to continue in your life. You are tasked with sveral things such as, Getteing a Medicine Box from Tidel Island, and finding an area even further in the distance, The Mud Flats. Just like in our own lifes we must get a job, pay taxes, amoungst other task to contiune going. The task start easy so you start along your path and again you are faced with skeletons and zombies this time even stronger then before but with the knowlege from your past battles you over come them just as easy finding even more knowlege(loot) along the way. At this age in your charecters life everything is new. Just like getting your first passive skillpoint while on the way to tidel island you open your passive skill tree page and look to see what seems to you an almost infinite amount of possibilites. At this point you decide what you want to do with your life. You look at the possiblities before you, while you cant take any path you want because of the class you were given(chose) you chose what looks right to you even if it ends up being the wrong choices later down the road you dont know that at the time so you choose whats fun to you. After choosing your first passive even though in the percpective of your life so far to this point its nothing but to you; you feel like you can challenege anything. Now you think you can conqer anything in your path becuse you think you know what you want to do with your life(charecter). So you continue on to tidel island and right before you get there after have gaining a few more levels you see somthing new a way point. while you approach it you have no clue what it could be. Its somthing new so you click it and see its a way to get back to where you were before. Even if you fail(die) you are able to wake up from your rest(lions rest) and jump right back into battle to the place you were before you failed(died). After gaining this new knowlege that no matter what youll wake up again to be able to have honor to face your demons again and overcome them. so then you get to tidel island and everything so far seems fine just more skeltons zombies and a few new creatures. But they are all fairy easy to overcome for you have gained so much knowlege and power or so you think. You then get to the back of the island the part which could not be seen from the right or left path. You see a new enemy somthing with almost looks like snow swirling around it. This boss you must overcome inorder to get a Medicine Box for someone you only just met and to your knowlege so far not even a reward to show for it. But your go for him anyway. Even though you may have died you wake up from rest and can use the waypoint to go back into battle and eventually even though you may have thought at the time theres no way ill be able to continue if i cant kill this easily you overcome him. And there before you is the Medicine Box you grab it and go back to what you call home the only place you know with your new found family. You hand the Medicine Box over and to your surprise he rewards you with a gift. This makes you excited knowing that if you do things for people in return you will Prosper. So you get even more task and head out to the Mud Flats. Once there you are faced with beast you've never seen before rhoa beast. You face them like you would a skeleton or zombie since these are the only things you've been faced with so far. But to your surprise they are completly different. They charge you head on instead of from the standing still. Just like in our own lifes as we get older and have more knowlege things just happen that you have to be prepared for such as a car crash, financial troubles, cavities, or a number of things we arent prepared for but happen anyway. We eventually overcome them for we have no choice but to continue. We easily fight off these new combatants even though they throw at us something new we easily learn their patterns and overcome them just as we have overcame everything before this point for we have no choice. After going further along we see a new task before us on the map so we head toward it. once we arrive we see its right there infront of us on the ground we could jjust go over and pick it up but right as we go to grab it a Giant Rhoa comes out of the shadows and tries to destroy us but after having faced the smaller ones we use what we have learned to overcome this Beast. If we wouldn't have faced the smaller ones first the bigger one would have destroyed us for we wouldn't have known that he could charge us from all sides and we would have been overcome. But we destroy the beast and what do we get in return? Nothing. We had no choice but to fight off this beast for even if we ran it would have Charged us from behind. But we didn't run we stood there and fought it head on and Overcame even for no reward. We pick up these things off the ground all "3" of them even though we dont know what the reward for them will be we pick them up anyway becuse we know there will be a reward later in our life we may not know what it is at the time but in retrospect your glad you did it. After picking up these things we run north and find a path leading to a dark grove. Its Dark, Murky, Swampy, with lots of trees and the entire light atmosphere of the area we were just in disappears. But we contiune in anyway and the only task we receive is from a higher power it wasnt a NPC who gave us this mission but somthing from the heavens. It just pops up into existence on the right hand side of your screen. It says to defeat all the enemies in the area. You at the time dont know what or how many enemies there are. But you continue in anyway for after have defeating everything befor this moment and you know there will be a reward in the end you press on and see zombies and destroy them all you even get to a road block a new Mini boss that spews zombies out ever so often almost infinity until it is defeated. But with the knowledge and experiance you have gained so far you press on and defeat this beast and all the challenges surrounding it. After defeating everything in the area the sky opens up before you bringing light to the place of darkness. What was before a place of sorrow became a place of Beauty becuse you chose to take the road less traveled and overcame everything before you and in the end you were rewarded as you returned to your place of rest. you Then head out of the place and return to the area you were in before. After equipping some new gear you found along the way, and putting in some new passive skill points for the build you decided you wanted to play and the path you have chosen which at this point in the game you dont think youll ever be able to undo what you have already started so you keep this build and trust it for it has overcame everything thus far in your path. You then arrive at somone new a beast in disguise. She tells you to put in the seals you have gained if you want to continue forward. You dont know why you would want to but its the only task you were given and you make the choice because she seems friendly but in reality she is hiding something unseen to your eye. So you place the seals and before you a new path opens and you enter. Right as you enter you see another waypoint and you feel relived for you know if you die(fail) you will be able to enter again from a point farther down the path and it wont take you as long to recover to the point you were at before. You get the waypoint and run along the path and you are faced not only with new enemys which you easily overcome even thought they have new abilites looks and mechanics. They are all easily defeated becuse of all your past battles and the knowlege and skills you have learned along the way. But you are also faced with multipiple paths somthing youve never had to face before. Instead of just running straight and easily finding your way, you are faced with paths that sometimes end and at that point must turn around and choose another until you find the one you think is right and it takes you to the path you thought you were ment to take to press you onward to journey further down the path. You find something called The Flooded Depths. So far to this point you have only had one correct path to take and only 1 area ahead of you and it took you so long to get to this point in retrospective to your charecters life so far so you enter it. You fight more of the same enemeys as before and more winding paths sometimes leading to dead ends but you overcome them easily and find another road block. Again as before in the Fetid Pools you were given a task to defeat this Encounter by a higher power for you havent rested in awhile becuse all your challenges before this were easy but you know if you fail this challenge the run back to this point will take a really long time for its the first time youve ever gotten to this point and dont remember what the correct path to get to here was. But regardless you chose this path and you fight and overcome this beast even though you thought the fight would never end. Even once you thought you defeated the beast you have to fight him once again but without his protective shell and you slaye the path you have chosen wasnt the one that leads you further down the path but only acted as a distraction. But regardless you overcame and were rewarded with more knowlege (skill point) and you press on through the winding caveren which you think will never end while also fighting off smaller enemies that act as the one you defeated in the flodded depths. Until you finally find a light at the end of the winding tunnels. You come enter the bright light to find your self high in the clouds at The Ledge. You dont know what this place is but all you can see is the cliff face to your left and the ledge ti your right so you can only once again take one path. You feel relived to be out of the cryptic maze like cavern becuse once again your going along the right path and your faceing the skeletons you are oh so familiar with. Its almost like you get a stretch of time where eventhough you have all these smaller battles they feel so much easier then the big ones. As you run along the Ledge you finally come up to something youve never seen before a Totem a False god. He is shooting lightning around itself and what feels like 100s of skeletons all around. In the distance you can see another waypoint but your temtation to go towards this False Idol is so strong instead of skipping it and running further along the path and grabbing the waypoint and moving forward with your life you run toward him. You are swarmed with enemies and the thought of having to run all the way back here floods your mind this is the hardest thing youve had to encounter so far and you almost regret not grabbing the waypoint. as your last health flask charge is used another is given every time you kill another skeleton all while the lightning from the False god is hitting you every second from all sides you finally destroy every skeleton and are only faced with the False Idol. with all the gear, and skills you've gained so far you face him head on he doesnt move for he cant, he cant hear, see, smell, taste, feel, for he isnt real but a Idol worshiped by those who are already damned but do not know it (the skeletons) But since you were different and not one of them they attacked you and you saw that it wasnt real so you destroy it. What was your reward? Nothing. But your temptation to do so pulled you to a fight you didnt need to take on but once inside the claws of the beast you had no choice but to overcome. After the battle you take the way point and go back to rest. You refill your flask turn in your task and get the rewards you oh so earned. You equip your new gear and allocate your points feeling new again. You think about all the things you did to get to this point and are even close to getting a big passive node youve been striving for and know once you get it youll be able to overcome anything becuse itll double your dps, or so you think. You take the waypoint back to where you were after spending so much time resting once you get back to that point your past demon is there once again but you know better then to go back and fight for there was no reward in the end but only death and sorrow if you were to fail. So you skip it and run forward along the path to a new place called The Climb. Once there you are once again in an environment unfamiliar, a very open area you could run in any direction it seems but you know what ever path you take in the end you will find the way. along the way you find new challenges(enemys) they leave fire in their wake and until this point youve never had to face with this. If you stand in it you burn and it hurts so you are forced to move out of the way and face these beast. For if you dont the path will be covered in fire and you will eventually fail. so you learn how to deal with this new problem and continue along the path until you see a Giant Fire Wolf. With all the knowlege youve gained so far you overcome this beast. If this beast was the first major problem you were ever faced with you would have surly failed and never been able to recover but it isnt so you eventually overcome this beast and press forward to The Prison. Once again you are faced with skeltons and zombies and multiple paths to take. An almost endless maze of dark hallways only lit up by the light and hope that surrounds you. You fight through the prison and reach the end finding more new loot stronger then the last. Even reaching that passive keystone you wanted and with all these new things you feel more powerful then ever almost as all the things to come cant get in your way. so you think. you then head out fo the prison to a place known as Prisoners Gate you immediatly grab the waypoint infront of you after have learning your lesson with the False god on the Ledge and you dont want to make that same mistake again so you learned to always grab a waypoint before any battle if it is within view. you fight new enemies and old but non give you a challenge they are all easily overcome. You get to a chokepoint in the path before you and out of no where a major problem lays in the path surrounded by fire and minions as of him. You have no choice but to fight this beast becuse he is holding somone captive and you want to save him. You dont have to stay and fight but you do it anyways becuse you can save somone youve only met no nothing about who they are or even if they are freindly at all. But seeing the sight of somone imprisoned and a beast holding him captive it is your natural instinct to want to save and help at all cost even if it means you fail even fail. After overcoming the beast which brought fire onto the land the prisoner is set free of their cage "Navali". They tell you to meet them in town you know not why but you continue on the path knowing that eventually you will rest again but at this point your are confident in your abilies and the path you chose so you go forward without rest becuse you decided to take that battle and it wasnt just thrown at you and unavoidable. When you choose to help the help itself is the reward even if the challenge set before you is life or death saving another is worth it in the end and you dont feel tired but happy you succeeded. So you press onward down the Path before you coming to a new place the Ship Graveyard. you fight more enemies easily defeated by you for you have overcame all you previous battles and know you can defeat all before you as you look back on how much you went through to get to this point in your life. as you travel through you meet somone and they tell you to kill a beast in the cave. From all youve learned before this will give you a reward so you trust them no matter what no one has ever lead you wrong before this point so you accept the offer and help them and travel to the cave instead of heading further down the path. You get to the cave and with a reward at the end in your mind so press forward and destroy the beast in your wake. You get to the end of the path and are met with people doing a ritual and you overcome them with ease and retrieve the item you were set to retrieve and with a reward in mind you yet again diverge from the path before you to return the item to a stranger you do not know but trust with your life for no reason other then a reward promised but yet to receive. you get to him and give him the item hoping for your reward and instead of a reward they turn on you and attempt to take you down. Even though you risked everything to help them with their task there was never a reward to begin with. You chose the wrong path even though at the time you thought it was right it wasn't in the end but even at this cost you overcome him. You overcame the beast that set to bring you down even from the first moments of your life the beast knew what his intentions were and your were non the wiser but to accept this false offer that only benefited him and not you. You overcame him and took the necklace from his dust and wore it around your neck as a reminder to not always trust everything you see. You wear it to remind yourself that those you think are for you arent always for they are benefiting for themselves and you get nothing but you give to them everything. So you press forward with your new found knowledge thinking nothing like this could ever happen again and get to a place called Merveil's Cavern This cavern like the last you overcome the beast and find the right paths even after facing the ones that are not. You then find the end and a room The chamber if Merveil. Instead of staying in rest your whole life and living in peace with your family and the ones you can trust you chose to get to this point and continue forward. so you enter and come to find the hardest battle you at the time think you will ever face for everything before this even the major problmes you faced in your life seem like nothing compared. You may fail hundreds of times on this encounter and it will seem like it never ends for even after thinking you defeated it it comes back to try and take you down once again. But in the end you will either overcome the Beast or fall Victim and Give in to what you hope is something better but in the end only leads to sorrow. So you overcome the Beast and continue on the path not knowing what could lie before you but all you know is that you have ti continue no matter what for there will always be a reward along the correct path even if you fall victim to the lies of the beast you will overcome him, And at the end is always a light leading to a new path hopefully better then the last.

This is just act one and i could go so much further but at this point its been almost 2 hours of typing. Hope at least 1 person reads this and enjoys and can understand my own interpretation to the Path of Exile and can look at the game and all games and things in the world in a different way. Press on Exiles for there is always a reward on the Correct Path.

-Zalimah, YHWH forever

^What is this even?!!^

Dude, learn to use paragraphs...
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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PerfectXtreme wrote:
harvest... "a league we are very proud of..."

Really? Really? You really proud of this league? Seems like you cater and dedicate your game to the streamer community and the "influencers" and they all dislike this league.

I've clocked 1000's of hours on PoE over the years and I can easily say this is absolutely one of the weakest leagues (among the new ~3 month league cycles).

oh, come on, stop that "streamer" nonsense. even streamers don't like harvest.
^What is this even?!!^

Dude, learn to use paragraphs.

Im just having fun bored my 2080ti bricked so all i can really do atm until the new one comes in is type or watch youtube so im doing both at once. Theres no paragraphs or proper placment becuse i dont care if anyone read it tbh. But i was having fun and had fun doing it. Was relaxing
4 months instead of 3 months is just better all around.
I'd rather you focus on PoE2 and delay the regular leagues.
Support a free Hong Kong.

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So, with the Mac client still planned to actually happen and Vulkan being the stated renderer, I presume GGG will be utilizing the MoltenVK wrapper? If so, could you expand on why you chose Vulkal over Metal directly, especially in light of Apple's planned switch to ARM SoCs in full after two years? What benefits does MoltenVK have over Metal? These are answers I'd love to know. :)
I loved this league, I'm more interested with craft stuff, new mechanics is great! ♥
maybe its time to decide 3 leagues per year instead of 4.
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