How the Harvest Launch Went

Technically the devs deserve a pat on the back - well done. I've had a couple of disconnects and texture issues which (in my opinion) are justifiable considering the usage of a new api in Vulkan.

The problem I have here is there is already an entire game for this mechanic. Pretty well done, not one I bought. I'm a dark, gothic, gritty fantasy rpg fan.
Played through the point where I need to maintain the distributor for grain growth, and that was it. I simply can't get interested in farming.

More or less had the same issue with the Atlas stone mechanics... adding more busy work does not make it more fun. Adding busy work with no relation to sword and sorcery as an archetype is just skippable.

Path of Irrigation

My PC is getting forced restart since poe harvest, but won't restart on other games or b4 the patch.

I tried again this morning and it still did it.

I posted in help
That was launch, free item for noob casuals like me, and you probably had most players ever in ssf hardcore because of that laptop

You can consider me as 1 of those players that started this league but i also already went to standard after getting the free item by playing trough the 10 acts, maybe i will look at the challenges and play a bit more to finish some of them but besides a few useful crafts during leveling i did not enjoy a single thing of this league.

The bads imo:

- The garden is unclear and cluttered and just not enjoyable to even be in there.
- My inventory is a clusterfck and storing the seeds is just annoying.
- The league mechanic is boring, especially if you want to kill monsters and not micromanage a garden
- gardening is not intuitive and unnecessary complex and it takes so long... so long... so way to long not killing anything... hell when i am done gardening i forgot what i was actually doing
- explanations in garden is hard to read, red color or yellow or something else that stands out would have been better. Especially growing your first tier 2 took a couple of area's to find out.
- Can plant seeds at wrong collector, probably intended but cannot care to find out if it's intended

The goods imo:
- Bugs and issues with Vulkan, but nonetheless the new engine feels as an
improvement, and i will keep using it.
- Smooth launch, perhaps, if you don't consider the graphic problems, weird disconnects, missing waypoint in garden and unclear what to do with this league i would agree with that statement
- Hide tabs in standard, which is really welcome as i am playing there now.
- the gameplay changes, you successfully ruined some game play types, very well done, your implementation definitively succeeded.
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I don't really know how to report a bug when my whole system crashes at some points when there is a lot of action going on. It often happens when I spawn a harvest and once when I triggered a strong box. Until delirium I always were able to play on my PC, but now I needed to downgrade my graphic settings from high to medium, and the shadows and lightning to low or switch it off, and from time to time also have some invisible foes.
And btw I only mentioned to reach Part 2 act 6 at the moment, I really am afraid about endgame maps with all the shit that goes on then and the blight maps. And still in delirium I was able to run blight maps and in Blight league I also played a summoner.
My specs: I7-7700 @ 3600 Ghz
Asus RoG Z270F
16 GB Ram
G-Force GTX 1060 6GB
and as mentioned it totally crashes... And I honestly hope it is nothing else...
xX999Xx wrote:
maybe you should check out Reddit where 10 times the ammount of People post compared to this tiny forum...

Reddit has mostly been positive too.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Exile009 wrote:
xX999Xx wrote:
maybe you should check out Reddit where 10 times the ammount of People post compared to this tiny forum...

Reddit has mostly been positive too.

And also only GGG has the absolute numbers from all the DCs and frame drops and so on... Because normally when everything runs perfect you don't complain, if it runs like shit and you wanted to play over the weekend poe and can't you complain... so typical survivor bias...
Please give us an option to recall all the items, like in the hideout.

The launch was smooth indeed, though I think the mechanics need adjustments. Basically you get thrown into cold water with no explanation.
I feel kind of bad about having no option to do over.

I thought I could figure it out on my own without being punished, then I realized that everything I had done was permanent and will hurt my progress, cause figuring out how the fields work and that each of them needs separate space for the connectors and such was not explained. Now everything is all over the place and it just feels bad.

I placed a seed by mistake somewhere that makes it impossible to harvest as well. It should not be possible to place them outside a valid field.

Why no stash in the sacred grove? Very inconvenient.
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so you're collecting feedback.

here's my question:

why are there no monsters around the seed caches you find in instances?

it would be perfect to consider party members that killed at least some of those mobs as "not bots" and drop some additional seeds for them?

background is, i decided to group ssf this league and mapping is probably getting pretty discouraging cause one player doesn't get anything progress wise.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
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Why do people when listing their PC configuration always "forgot" to mention what PSU they have? Do you know that PSU is a problem or what?

Bad quality/not adequate PSU can kill you PC very easy, especially at heavy load when it has to deliver a lot of power in short time.

Also, windows record what is the cause of BSOD. So check your BSOD screen or windows log file for what is causing it.

If your PC is just shutting down without BSOD, most likely the problem is either PSU or motherboard (especially if you have raise the voltage above normal). It doesn't matter if everything else runs normally.
I am glad that it went well overall. However, this atch has been a disaster for me personally. Constant crashes to desktop with Vulkan and even worse performance with DX11.

Also disconnecting when changing instances now. Really annyoing...
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