How the Harvest Launch Went

marioace wrote:
numerous disconnects since league least 3-4 a day. ...... Wouldn't call this smooth.

Very much my experience, trying to connect to my usual server, London.
The Harvest League is as every other League on it´s launch. Magnifico, Splendid, GANTASTIC as always and always.
I mean, cmon, really. What do you expect?!

Launch is as it is with every League. A true SUCCESS. This is always a fact. Has always been, and will always be.
We, the experienced players that has been around for quite a while, and even longer, knows better.

So there you have it. A Success.
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Deemer610 wrote:
iuiulitza wrote:
marioace wrote:
4 crashes from Vulkan, numerous disconnects since league start for both me and my friend, at least 3-4 a day. Has resulted in lost maps more than once. Wouldn't call this smooth.

I can confirm. 3-4 disconnects per day , at least , for me and people in my guild.

Tbh I'm not sure if this problem is with Vulkan.
Try setting your volume to false in config, that fixed like 90% of my crashes and improved FPS by ton, as dumb as it sounds it actually works, which is even more dumb.

Beside texture problems first half day, which got fixed except some wird meshes on golem type enemies, there are still random crashes of poe, at least once every half hour. Doesnt seem related to anything in particular, but they happen more often in garden area, or seed area in zones.

My rig setup is irrelevant since I didnt changed anything and previous league was running just fine, but here it is.
Win 7 Ultimate, GTX 760, 24 Gb RAM, SSD, DX11.
We are extremely happy with the reception to Harvest's mechanic and crafting system! It's absolutely wonderful to see the community enjoying and engaging with something that was the result of so much hard work

Is this a joke ? This is the most boring league since talisman league and u cant fix it.. OK actually u can :) Add 10000 monsters to maps cuz i wanna map all day everyday

Incarcerated wrote:
qHEjQbIHtt wrote:
Lots and lots of ping and texture render issues.

And league itself is WORSE THAN Bestiary/Talisman. SadPepeFace

Yeah, you look like you played those leagues...
As a player who did, I can tell you this is much much better and if you give this league just a little thought (just a bit!) then it is quite rewarding and fun.

Guess some people just want zoomzoom braindead loot pinatas...

I actually played both and yes harvest is even worse... I like mapping and i like killing many many monsters and being rewarded. This league isnt that good when it comes to rewards + maps are empty

Also im not casual player like u
aliceviajante wrote:
Took me a while to understand the t2+ seeds, but wasn't my focus anyway. I used quite a lot on my leveling, and I believe that was a smart way to encourage attack based starters.

I read some 'no rewarding league' and such, but we still short of 72h of league and I don't think that those unsatisfied people got the juicy rewards in other leagues in this timespam. The god-tier crafts will be sooner, but not at day 2.

On the other hand, my graphic card doesn't enjoy the changes made. I tryed vulcan and had to run back to directX, nothing was rendering properly. I know that you are mid road (and this is hell), but yeah, now is worse than last league.

To sum up, happy with the new league, some graphic issues, will interact with t2 seeds after work (was the last thing I did before go to sleep).

What if i dont care about crafting at all ?
Just my 1,5 cents on this league. After Delirium that I hated with a passion, I enjoy this chill stuff a lot. Make it core. Who wants - can skip it anyway.

Now what about those invisible enemies and sawblades in labs? take that culling shit out of the settings. I guess it is related to it. Annoying. All conquerors are invisible. On DX11 and on Vulcan. Does not matter much when all skills are rubbish full-screen effects anyway but still, sometimes yo are not killing stuff and it is annoying.

And once again this league just takes "multiplayer" part out of the equation. You obviously do not care much about coop players. Most activity is just solo based. If players can share sulphite so make it possible to share seeds as well. What nonsense.

Anyway, regardless of so many problems I am enjoying this stuff. Now fix the "Vulcan" issue.

Thnx for the game.
I eat cats for breakfast.
Most boring league in recent times.
Having to keep items around for crafting feels like you're jumping through a lot of hoops for nothing. Why not just drop the damn items?
Also, having to set up your garden with Dispersers, Pylons etc. is even worse than helping Cassia with the towers.
So freaking awesome...
>almost four pages of bug reports since launch
>pick one

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