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RogerM wrote:
BMVagabond wrote:
Yea this build is probably pretty hard to follow for anyone who doesn't have an idea of what they are doing already. Leveling was super rough with Perforate and Spectral Helix until you can actually start using Flicker and even then it still a bit of effort to get it rolling. This is not really a build for new players. It probably doesn't help that this build is out of date and not updated for crucible league yet.
Don't let that discourage you from powering through the harder part of getting this build rolling, once the build starts coming into its own it eventually becomes a map wiping monster, just don't expect bosses to be painless in the late game it is definitely not a build for bossing though I am sure it can clear all that content.

Yeah, rough is an understatement lol. I got the Terminus Est and that helped a bit. I'm at lv 60 and it's still hard. Gems are all over the place in this guide so I'm probably using the wrong buffs and whatnot hahah

Great effort! Regarding the gems, yes the forum post is a bit of a mess. However I definitely recommend using the Path of Building guide for this, Devon put a lot of effort into it and it's a lot more organized there. You can sort passive trees, gems, and gear by different stages of the build (e.g. Levelling, Lab, Uber Lab, Endgame).

I found it a lot easier to just use the PoB and use the forum guide as a supplementary reference.
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