Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

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"It might be, that we have broken the game with this league"

AEH ...

... YEAH!


Anyone can now craft mirror gear, without currency investment or much crafting knowledge. Simple and powerful. I can't and will not try to understand anyone complaining here. That is beyond me, not the league °°.
Just laughable... not least of all, because you still have the option to skip crafting and just trade with a few clicks °°. Guess you have to 'farm' for that currency if you don't want to 'harvest' the crafts yourself. GL

Thanks for explaining the main league mechanic ! This work is really worth it, please do it for every league.
"Change a Unique Bestiary item or item with an Aspect into Lures of the same beast family"

Hmm? lures?
So correct me if I am wrong but there is no crafting option related to minions?
So correct me if I am wrong but there is no crafting option related to minions?

Yea and No .. besides, minions don't need any craft buffs XD

You can craft armor and weapon mods through sacrifice onto rings, amulets etc.. so if you have minion mods on them... indirect minion craft ,)
Confusing as hell might skip this league
Wild Ursaling Seed - - caster garbage - Harvested for lifeforce
Wild Hellion Seed - physical garbage - Harvested for life
Wild Thornwolf Seed - Color changes - somewhat useful for everyone
Wild Ape Seed - Fire damage garbage - Harvest for life force
Wild Hatchling Seed - Coin flip craft on sockets - Might be useful
Wild Bristlebeast Grain - Swap resists on gear - Somewhat useful for everyone
Wild Snap Hound Grain - Currency Exchange - $$$$$
Wild Homunculus Grain - Gamble fossil orbs and catalsts - assumed weighted and garbage
Wild Chieftain Grain - Map mod craft - I dont know why this isnt tier 1. Garbage
Wild Spikeback Grain - Crafting bench to lock prefix/suffix but chaos roll rest. likely hot garbage for minion builds.
Wild Bristle Matron Bulb - Atlas missions - Not sure why this is tier 3 Garbage
Wild Hellion Alpha Bulb - This is all questionable on if we can get item modifiers that dont exist on that item. Likely garbage
Wild Thornmaw Bulb - A way to make guardian maps.
Wild Brambleback Bulb - Weapon quality enchants - Nothing for minions.
Wild Infestation Queen Bulb - +1 on outcomes. Pair with currency exchange
Wild Thornfruit - ???????

I like when Chris Wilson said this is breaking the game. Promotes SSF play.
Not for minion builds, there is nothing here. good job ggg Guess i'll play trade league and just sell everything from the "crafting" league.
Oh Lawd
Stay awhile... and listen.

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