Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

T4 crafting mods are certainly very strong. I doubt I'll bother playing this though.
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At this point I can't see why you won't post the weighting on seed drops. Gl finding t4 seeds for all the non sweaties. I'm definitely leaning towards passing on this league so far based on the reveals and can't see how that will change actually playing Harvest. I had hoped GGG wouldn't repeat the mistakes that fundamentally made Bestiary trash at launch, janky mechanics tied to uber rare rng on anything valuable making it feel like you were just pissing away time compared to skipping the mechanic.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
So are these crafts one time use and after it is used you must find that craft from new seeds, or do they stay in your crafting list for the entire league? e.g. once I find the craft to change 10c to an ex I can just do that whenever I gain the lifeforce cost?
There are no crafting mods for minion builds?!

I understand GGG doesn´t want people to play minions, therefore the weaker builds compared to the AOE clear that nerds play, but a league without new content for summoners once again, is surely not helping with motivating casuals to play your game.

The new passive tree, also saw many nerfs and no new stuff, it´s just not fun anymore.
i have no clue about crafting because i never have enough currency, and actually also absolutely don't care about advanced crafting and i am pretty sure a large amount of the player base doesn't care about advanced crafting

i have no clue about the majority posted here.. this league looks like crap if you are not into crafting, will give it a go to improve my league starting and i actually like the first part of the game to gain level and get the character going but i guess i end up in standard this league as this seed crap just looks like another useless and annoying grind.

Purple garden what´s next … little ponies?
Btw crafting system is already overcomplicated.
ARPG should be about killing hordes of monsters and getting an interesting loot not planting or doing strange things.

I will skip the league anyway.
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This league is going to blow dick. I mean suck.
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There is nothing related to minions?
What happened to harbinger map you showed us in announcement?
There is no info in patch notes that you changed tier of the beachhead to 16 nor any data regarding change of harbingers in map.

Meanwhile all crafting options that have something to do with harbingers are:
Sacrifice a Map. Add a free Infused Harbinger craft to your Map device
Change a Harbinger Unique or Unique Piece into a random Beachhead Map

First craft will affect map device and not tradeable map.
Second option will give random beachhead map but since there are no changes to this map in patch notes i assume we will only get regular map.

For example offering to the goddess are as follow:
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Tribute to the Goddess
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Gift to the Goddess
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Dedication to the Goddess

And for scarabas:
Attempt to upgrade a Scarab, with a chance for it to become Winged

As you can see other items revealed along the league have crafting option that tells you that you will get/have a chance to get enriched version.
I can't find anything similar for harbinger map.
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