Harvest Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

RIP SH, even when cluster are now rarer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
So many new new currencies and map fragments. This shit's getting old.

Also, been playing Grim Dawn for 9 days (first time ever playing) and guess what's never happened once: Bullshit offscreen death.

The more I play Grim Dawn, the less excited I am about returning to PoE. If it weren't for the guild I run, I simply might not. We'll see what happens I guess, especially once the 3-4 week dropoff occurs.
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R. I. P. Burial chambers.

I have downloaded the json file. I am able to read the code on firefox and in Python.
However, I cannot see the passive tree, or in another words run the file to get an immage of the passive tree.

Do you know how to do it?

with kind regards


so 9 new currency items. 17 new map fragments. and we still have currency items going so far back as breach that still don't have a slot on a tab. At least add the oils, catalyst, delirium orbs and upgraded breach stones into a tab.

league items that dont have slots that i can think of.
-vials from incursion( a core part from masters)
-deleruim orbs
-breachstones(a item from a master mission)
-elder/shaper/blighted maps (i dont see them as part of the map tab you cant even search for them you have to put them in their own tab or use the market and your username to see listed blighted/shaper/elder maps items
-incubators i don't expect it to get a tab but if they do get one something like the map tab would be nice.
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Map tiers changed again CRAP !!!
really nice now I can preplan my skilltree
Good work again
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