Harvest Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Burial Chambers moved to a default of t15; is that really necessary?
more maps and currency type, hope these thing will fit into stackable stash or new stash for them ware made tho. anyway thats nice.
thanks for the updates.
All maps with good divination cards are now red base tier-how sad. Rip MF this league.
Great, need *another* tab dedicated to currency.

This isnt a complaint about buying stash tabs either, it's getting annoying to play the game with the amount of bloat picked up.

They seriously need to work on a way for mechanic specific "currency" to not take up inventory space because its really getting to be too much, and they're pushing it to larger amounts of clutter every single league.

Early on?

You had 1-5 new bits of currency to deal with per league. A silver coin, 4 different breach splinters and so on. Now you need an entire tab just to make it fit.
love you guys :)
Arborix: No longer causes you to gain Iron Reflexes for 8 seconds every 16 seconds. No longer causes you to deal 30% more damage with Arrow Hits at Close Range while you have Iron Reflexes, or grants 30% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed or Far Shot while you don't. No longer grants increased Evasion Rating or causes bow attacks to fire 2 additional arrows. Instead, it now grants Iron Reflexes constantly, as well as Level 30 Dash. If you have cast Dash recently, it grants 100-160% increased Evasion Rating and 20-30% increased Movement Speed. If you haven't cast Dash recently, it instead grants 20-30% increased Attack Speed and causes Bow Attacks to fire 2 additional arrows. Travel skills other than Dash are disabled while this is equipped. Existing versions are unaffected by these changes.
Arborix got fixed.
what does the new currency do? when will we have information about that?

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