Content Update 3.11.0 -- Path of Exile: Harvest

Icewave21 wrote:
Melee League? More like Ball Lightning League.

Surprised they didn't nerf Chain Hook because of how clueless they are...


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anyone can confirm pls.
there is no mention of reducing damage from critical nodes in tree. in manifesto they sad they will be decreasing damage from critical nodes

can anyone confirm pls?

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I like the Patch notes for the most part. I'm hyped, bring it on. Been wanting to give my 2handed, slam, rage and warcry builds another go. They the only ones last league I barely touched. Perfect timing. And with new flavours to come? My body is ready.

Some people need to chill. Ok, so your broken build got nerfed. Not the end of the world. Im sure you will find another broken build regardless.

I do agree that builds that cost a zillion currency and grind to make should be able to own bosses like they are little infants crawling around our feet, and I am not a huge advocate of nerfs.

But I'm just too damn excited about trying these new builds and having fun with them.

I mean in all honesty, who even gives a sh.. about Sirus? I don't. Only tried him twice. The first time died as I learned his patterns. The second time I won, in what I can only call a bloody fluke. One stupid troll of a boss if you ask me. I'm making a point to never again face that troll encounter.

Which means, any other creative build will do if I can play all the other 99% of the content save cheap cheese troll bosses that 1 shot you from 30 maps away. And frankly, cause I clearly don't need one shot builds myself with not doing such content, I barely give a rats tail.

Bring it.... Drop that patch already!

(I do hate the harvest theme though.... by far the worst theme I have seen in this game since ages)
Are you actually releasing the patch notes?
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[this is a buff]
//go next
Aeternem wrote:
Starforge nerf? Hegemony's Era nerf? What? In a 2 hand league? What an unfortunate decision...

Mark already confirmed thats not true
the sirus fight will still be garbage in 3.11. very unfortunate.
Thank you for making things more challenging GGG. Don't hold anything against these crying kids. They expect everything handed to them.

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