Harvest Challenge Rewards

To be honest.. The Footprints and the Cloak are just bs and ugly af, so normally its not worth going for these. The Portal is nice, so i gotta go for 36
time for 36 this league I guess
Well its okay but just not worth going out of my way. Lets be real though, they should skip freaking footprints for the next 10years and i doubt anyone EVER would ask for them.
cloak is pretty cool but the portal is just eh.
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Both the cloack and the portal look fantastic, nice challenge rewards this time.
Something I've noticed about portals in the game. The idea of a 'portal' is a kind of gateway. Some portals in POE are leaving this gateway concept behind and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

Although I don't really get it. It's pretty but I suspect that it would just be yet another portal in my hoard of portals that I never use.

The footprints here are the only thing I will probably get, although if 24 is easy I might do it.
Post Path of Nerfs pls

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