In Path of Exile: Harvest, we're rebalancing over 50 unique items. Some have received numerical buffs, while others have received new mods and mechanics. We're really excited about the possibilities that many of these unlock. While we plan to reveal more of these over time, we're prepared a preview of 10 rebalanced uniques to whet your appetite.

Rigwald's Savagery & Rigwald's Command

Rigwald’s Savagery no longer grants increased attack speed with swords or chance to bleed, but now has a new mod that increases your maximum Rage by 25 while wielding a Sword. Rigwald’s Command no longer grants increased physical damage with axes or chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on kill, but now grants a multiplier to your bleeding damage equal to the amount of Rage you have while wielding an axe.

Originally these weapons were only available as a rare drop from the Rigwald encounter and they've lost their edge as time has passed. We’ve sharpened their rage-fuelled identities with new mods that synergise with each other (though of course you’re also free to use them separately) and evoke the Rigwald fight.

Broken Faith

Broken Faith now has its original -10% block chance mod instead of +5% block chance. It now grants Unholy Might while you have no energy shield, instead of temporarily when you block. While holding it you now create Profane Ground instead of Consecrated Ground. This new ground effect reduces all enemy resistances as well as making them more likely to be critically hit, but does not provide the life regeneration that Consecrated Ground does.

The first version of Broken Faith added to the game had below-average defensive stats for a shield in exchange for access to powerful damage. We’re trying to return it to that role with new mods that offer large amounts of damage, but the weak block chance of the original. Profane Ground also has all-new visual effects that echo the theme of the item.

Ungil's Harmony

Ungil’s Harmony now causes your critical strikes to deal no extra damage at all instead of -25% to critical strike multiplier, but provides up to 350% increased critical strike chance instead of the old 100%.

We’ve doubled down on the existing stats of this item, giving it an unparalleled amount of critical strike chance but now making your crits deal no extra damage at all. Builds that care only about dealing critical strikes now have a way to do so much more consistently, even at quite low levels.

The Blood Dance

The Blood Dance now gives 0.8% life regeneration per Frenzy Charge (from 0.5%), and up to 30% increased damage against enemies on low life per Frenzy Charge (instead of 6%). In exchange, it now reduces the attack and cast speed granted by Frenzy Charges by 4% (up from 3%).

The frenzy-charge-transforming nature of these boots has found uses over the years, but more than ever they now turn you into a blood-crazed fiend. The life regeneration per frenzy charge has been substantially increased, and with investment you can receive a massive amount of damage against enemies who are near death. They even make your frenzy charges themselves drip blood now!


Wildfire no longer grants Molten Strike additional projectiles or area of effect. Instead, it now allows Molten Strike projectiles to chain and gives them +1 chain, but halves the number of projectiles created.

Some of Path of Exile’s “threshold jewels” encourage different playstyles for the skills they interact with. Others just buff the skill. We’re slowly moving towards the former type, making changes to existing threshold jewels that feel mandatory for their skill. Wildfire used to provide a large, almost-free boost to Molten Strike’s damage. It has now been completely redesigned to create a new playstyle for Molten Strike, covering much more area with bouncing magma balls but dealing lower single target damage. Molten Strike’s damage has been buffed to compensate for the loss of old Wildfire. The distance travelled by its projectiles also properly scales with projectile speed now, letting you control their spread as much as you like.

Uul-Netol's Embrace

The Bone Nova skill granted by Uul-Netol’s Embrace now triggers on hitting a bleeding enemy instead of killing a bleeding enemy.

A Breach-exclusive unique upgraded by defeating the mighty Breachlord Uul-Netol should be suitably intimidating, but the build-around potential of Uul-Netol’s Embrace was always hampered by not being able to trigger its signature Bone Nova against strong enemies. So we've changed it so that it now also triggers at the location of the enemy you hit, instead of firing from the player’s location (and will still hit the enemy you triggered it from!).


The movement speed while ignited granted by Hotfooted has been increased from 10–15% to 10–20%, and attack and cast speed mods added with matching values.

Builds that set themselves on fire have been around for a while, but they’ve never exactly broken the meta. We want to give pyromaniac exiles all the help they can get.

Brain Rattler

Brain Rattler now grants 50% chance to shock enemies instead of 15%, and shocks as if inflicting 300% more damage in order to cause stronger shocks.

Another boss-exclusive weapon that has never quite seemed to live up to the fantasy it offers, Brain Rattler is a weapon for people who want to go all-in on shocks with a melee build, as opposed to the spellcasters who traditionally invest in shock. We’ve powered up its shocking capability so that it can appropriately reward these builds.

The Dark Seer

The Dark Seer’s global damage bonus has been increased from 30–50% to 40–60%, its chance to blind enemies on hit has been increased from 7% to 10%, it now prevents blind from lowering your accuracy rather than making you completely immune to blind, and it lets you inflict the powerful Malediction debuff on enemies if you blind them while you, the player, are blind yourself. How are you going to blind yourself? That’s for you to work out!
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