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Remicaster1 wrote:
Hi everyone. While I am trying to play penance brand this league, i decide searching up a guide and look for the gathered information on penance brand because it is not an ordinary spell and there are quite a few hidden mechanics behind it. So I stumbled upon this guide and i just check it out. ...

The main reason of the POB is for tree and gems. Many selections I choose was before the league launch. Then I will check how much DPS it can reach and was the normal gear and tree you should approach for.

For many thing like, innervate and consecrated ground just check for bottle faith etc.

For cwdt is purely base your choices, you can run shield charge either. Then idea of gem setup is mainly for main skill and other. You should change it base on your playstyle.

I also changed a lot like frenzy charge because I switch ascendancy and other stuffs. Blind is come from flesh and stone if you want more defense
I've finally given up on this build. It's not viable in SSF.

You need a ton of expensive items in order to become barely functional. Even if you manage to acquire everything, it deals a fraction of the damage of meta builds, and is still only barely competitive with an ungeared Wintertide Brand.
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