Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

Seeds not on auto pickup? Firing up my reddit post RIGHT MEOW!!
Cool, and hype!
So Bestiary 2.0, eh? Well, at least the league should be agnostic to what kind of build you play. I do rather like that it doesn't seem to be pushing a certain playstyle. Hopefully...


Anyway, those crafting options look ridiculously strong. I'm fully expecting a whole slew of new broken 'get-mad-rich-from-secret-interactions' exploits both during the league, and perhaps even for years to come. Ah well, still useful crafts for the regular plebs as well, I suppose.

Also, for those who don't like the league mechanic, it seems we're getting a bigger than average rebalancing / iteration on existing content -

eight new skills, two new support gems, revamps of Two-handed Weapons, Warcry skills, Brands, Slams and the Passive Skill Tree itself. We've also introduced 12 new unique items and rebalanced over 50 existing ones.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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puh... i dont know if this is good or just to much waste on the sideline
No more speed league! Wheee-e-e!

Hype is strong

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Please please please nerf Cluster Jewels, and herald stacking...
Harvest is the New Blight... Bah.
why the heck is the trailer on Vimeo but uses the YouTube logo?
Please tell me, is it another speedrun league?
Love the league concept!

Second league I won't be getting any supporter packs tho. I don't know why, but you seem to be really focused on red and yellow... With the whole harvest theme going on, shouldn't we expect something... greener? Or at least change the color palette from the previous league :(

It would be cool to get something along those lines, just a thought :)
Please, GGG, include another way to get ascendancy points. We have optional dailies now, optional lab next? ^^

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