[DEAD BUILD] HoWa SMART AND SWOLE JUGG 100%Deli+Facetank A8 [10 to 15M dps | 10 to 14k es]

I had to chaos spam the jewels because they didnt exist. Make sure they are 8 passive not 9 to 12.

At least get an amulet with one of the % attributes alongside 1% per 15. If you cannot then astramentis is probably better.

The crafting of the rare is pretty simple, awakeners orb %att or int and 1% per 15 together and hope for int or a open suffix to craft int.
Or just lazy man an astramentis lol.
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Dont forget aspect of the spider!!
Chaos spammed a ring and got kinda lucky. better than my previous one.

Astramentis wouldnt be better. Got a new amulet which has more INT.

Im missing 2 clusters with the needed rolls. But those I have its ok for now. Could achieve one yesterday for 6ex. Tried to chaos spam one but wasted over 150 chaos. No luck.

With the yesterday changes build feels nice. Tried Delirium map and could stand still without any issues.

EDIT: What Pantheon do you actually run?
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solaris and grukthul, I updated the POB with that too, lol woopsie.

Dont forget to add aspect of the spider onto an item by buying the beast and adding it to your menagerie.
got now Aspect of the Spider on my Amulet. Now Im missing 2 clusters. Workin on it. Trying to chaos spam / alt / regal it. Hard to buy em cuz there is rarely someone who sells it.
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You cant alt regal them because the need 3 notables and 2 jewel sockets
Here is few, cheap changes that may improve your build :


List of changes.

Stuff changes :
- Switching Death Door for Alberon 18% ;
- Blessing your Topaz Ring for perf light res and changing the crafted mod for Fire/Cold res ;
- Changing crafted mods on your Two-Stone ring for Fire/Cold res ;
- Switching your Wildfire 1% mana reserved for a Corrupted blood one ;
- Switching all Grand Spectrum for Split Personality str/int
- Adding Split personality str/int in few extra jewels socks.

Tree change :
- Removing Arcing Blow, Martial Poweress and cluster node, Iron Reflex and dex nodes ;
- Taking Utmost Might ;
- Taking Jewel sock in Marauder Area ;
- Taking Jewel sock and res nodes in Scion area ;
- Taking a +30 intel notable.

Result :
- From 1.1M to 1.066M dps ;
- From 11.8k ES to 17.2k ES ;
- From 76% to 43% phys reduction

It's also possible to drop Wrath for Skitterbot. Skitterbot provide more flexibility in terme of gems setup (you won't need Orb of Storm anymore in order to shock your target).
It's hard to compare the dps of the Wrath vs Skitterbot setups. With your current setup, you only shock when Orb of Storm is cast and only when OoS crit, so shock won't be up 100% of time. On the opposit, Skitterbot will shock 100% of time, with a higher shock effect, even with Elemental Focus in your setup. You don't need Orb of Storm gem anymore. But you will lose some flat light dmg.
I would say, Skitterbot will probably provide a bit less dps setup but a big buff of QoL.
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This build does not use orb of storms.
It gets its shock from vinktars.
Obviously this is not up all the time being a 1 use flask.
Why drop the 16% penetration? For more ES?
Why drop the leech?

Alberons are bad boots no reason to use them.
Most of the changes you are advising would ruin resistances when you dont have endurance charges, and there is no reason to drop over 30% phys reduction.
Your suggestions are literally just worse.

Not to mention you will lose attack speed, which is ES per hit procs.

I feel there is absolutely no reason to drop armour, resist, attack speed, penetration, leech, movement speed, just for a bit more ES.

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Too late for that build.
I'ts impossible to get 2 added+fan+fuel and some shit in the middle.

Spend over 1.5k chaos on one and didnt get a single one.

In the next league MAYBE can be done if delirium enter in the map device but will be expensive as shit.

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