Delirium Supporter Packs Concept Art

Looks great! Good job right there :D
i bought 3 packs this league LOL
Last edited by Deus_Vitae on Jun 1, 2020, 10:54:06 AM
So good
I love it. The first two bodies'appearances are too similar to Warframe armors.
Nice, i hope they can make it to the 19th, cant wait
Whoever did the Darkseer set concept art must be a Last Kingdom fan. :)
Has the Orion Supporter loot started shipping yet?
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If it wasn't for how cool the Darkseer portal is, I probably wouldn't have bought the pack. but with the additional 250 points, I basically got the portal for $5; so I LOVE IT!! the armor was nice too, but that pack was a tad pricey for me. Anyway, cant wait to see the next packs. Maybe you can tempt me once more... ;)

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