[3.10] The STUNNER, stun all endgame bosses (also Sirus/Shaper), Ground Slam Berserker - VIDEO UP ♫

I didn't look at all the stats but with the stun changes, do you think stunlocking is still possible with this build? Did you reach a 4 seconds stun before?
appeljuice wrote:
I didn't look at all the stats but with the stun changes, do you think stunlocking is still possible with this build? Did you reach a 4 seconds stun before?
yes some times i've locked shaper for 5-6 seconds.. also i miss from tree like 75% stun duration.. so i htink is still viable with some adjustment
Mirror service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2246346
All my builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1830178
I was surprised to see the stun changes but I'm still thinking a version of this for my starter.

In terms of changes to the tree, it seems like you could pretty easily path into the small stun duration nodes leading to stun mastery and take something else on the amulet. Since you already have 100% chance to double stun duration, seems like the best path.

Any other thoughts for changes to the build in 3.11? Seems like the cluster jewels for the build did not get hit w/nerfs as far as we know yet (just more expensive).
what i saw : "Many end game bosses will have 4 second stun immunity after being stunned"
depend if immunity start on stun, or after stun.

if is right, you can stun all time you want, stun lock is dead
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I think this will be my starter :) i think the stun immunity start on the first hit.
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"Stunning is now a great defensive advantage for slow, heavy-hitting characters without completely mitigating the threat of an encounter. Stun Duration becomes more important as you can no longer chain together many short-duration stuns."

Sounds like the immunity starts at the end of the stun.

I'm really hating the new warbringer, lose so much power and qol, janky interaction with berserk skill, loss of mob mentality rage gen sucks also.

Was really excited to play this build.
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If you put on your full plate mail, and I throw hundreds of toothpicks at you, you'll basically not feel it.

If someone catapults a whole tree at you, don't expect the Armour to prevent as much of the damage.
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''Due to a number of changes making it much easier to reliably stun tough enemies, many bosses are now immune to stun while stunned and for a short time after the stun ends.''

Confirmed stun lock is dead
Is this build friendly for Juggernaut?
i guess you cannot reapply stun on those bosses because of the temporary immunity - so stunlock is dead
So i've looked at some of the gear for this guide, it seems like its quite high-tier items. with the corruptions and some of the more rare uniques it seems like an expensive build.

Which uniques would you recommend that are the first ones you'd save up for?

Also have you tried getting some of those cluster jewels in 3.11? Are they hard to come by? Didnt play around with clusters all that much last league, so dont even know i those would be expensive to get, except for those small clusters. They are quite yummy, and therefore expensive to buy outright

Im currently playing another build of groundslam without that many uniques and no clusters, but I feel like its going to cap yellow to low red maps damage and survival-wise. Which is why im looking at your guide now

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