Music you listen when playing Poe?

When I was finishing my grind up I was mixing it up with ska, babymetal, waikaggi, mayer hawthorne, lil suzy, fleetwood mac, real mccoy, ace of base, la bouche, flogging molly, some hip hop, rap and maybe even some R&B.

In other words, my grind went far longer than planned over the course of the league so I had to cycle through a lot.
Yep, totally over league play.
This is good music to listen all time.
I listen to Randy Rainbow while playing. He's brilliant, check him out.
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SABATON - Great War

"I love you," he whispered, our eyes still locked. For those few heartbeats, I felt more cherished than I ever had in my life. I didn't realise when the tears slipped free. With a tender brush he brushed them away and I whispered, "I love you more."

He smiled a lovely smile and with one powerful thrust of his hips, he pushed his cock in my pussy, burying himself to the hilt in my heat all the way in until I felt the coarse hair on his groin against my tender skin.

The shock and discomfort was worse than the pain. I squeezed my eyes closed, tears running down my cheeks at the burn and pain as his cock stretched the walls of my pussy.
"You're so fucking tight," he growled, nibbling at my neck. But he remained still, letting me adjust to the unfamiliar intrusion of his thick, long cock.

A choked sob escaped my throat and he raised his head. With surprisingly gentle fingers he tipped my chip to look at him, and my breath caught in my lungs at the emotion in his eyes. His face was gentle, soft. Caring. Loving.

I smiled at him through my tears, running my hands down his mused back, reveling in the feel of him and how our bodies were joined in the most intimate of ways.

"Are you okay? Is it better?" Jaime asked, concern swimming in his eyes. With a deep breath, I nodded. The pain had ebbed away, and in its stead there was just the sense of being so very full.
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It is so hot in here sometimes I don't want to bother with a headset (our wiring is very old and spotty in this flat, so running an A/C unit while working on the computer burns through fuses faster than a kid on the Ledge with a 6s Shavs)

In the winter though I can listen to whatever. In the past this has been hockey games, sports podcasts, console game reviews, and the like. Stuff related to work makes great background noise for something mindless like delving or lab.

My music collection is vast and rather unselective. The shuffle could bring up Muddy Waters one minute, and Helloween the next, followed by Jay-Z, and then and then...
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
Not piano, not relaxing, but its ok for PoE.

Leftfield 2000

Deadmouse Random Album Title - made lvl 100 on that one :)
Deep House
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One can never go wrong with classic rock no matter what they are doing 🤟
I've been listening to this guy while gardening

can't take this league too seriously, y'know.
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
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DoubleU wrote:
Only when I am farming.
Boris Brejcha

I like to listen to him too my favourite is top pick from “madnes” and actually anything from Brejcha;) and all other good stuff;)
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