Developer Interview - James - Game Designer

Well Iam glad you made the decision to work for GGG. BUT what iam most happy with is someone like yourself is working on skills an unique's we already have ! They havent seen any love for too long ... I hope you get to work on some skills that got nerved badly an are totally useless now ! And some of the unique's never used because the bad way out weighed the bad ! I still have them stashed because are so almost ... Keep up the good work ! :)
Man, I wish I could apply to the company

Why can't you? As the saying goes, argue for your limitations and they're yours :)

As James said,

"I’d echo Neon's comments at ExileCon that the big thing you need is to know the game inside and out. Understanding how the game’s mechanics and calculations work, being able to quickly figure out use and abuse cases for a new item or skill, making sure you don’t repeat anything that has already been done, and knowing what metrics to use for balance are all absolutely vital"

That's a leg up right there. If you don't know enough, learn more and plan for the day you'll apply

Seriously though, if you want it, go for it and don't doubt yourself
Gratz on the new job!

I’m taking point on a fairly large set of changes to some older content that you’ll find out more about later in the year

Hopefully this is either a rework of the veiled mod unlock system or the helmet enchant system. Preferably both.
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That's very cool!

James is probably a top 3 most memorable poster for me on these forums for 2 reasons:

1) He always felt omnipresent. Any time a question about interactions or mechanics went unanswered for more than 12 hours, it felt like he took it upon himself to make sure there was a response. Kind of like a teacher trying to let the class figure things out for themselves, but always being there to provide the right answer once the headless chickens stopped making progress.

2) Generally polite and cheerful. I don't know how you make thousands of posts without telling like, at minimum, 10% of people to piss off or stfu, but James managed it.

Good luck on your continued success.

Absolute legend, hyped for more hipster builds to come
pls buff mines!!!
Please make upgrade prophecy for abberath hoves i want to do run build so much
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Keep up the good work James!
DaiKahn wrote:
Man, I wish I could apply to the company

Why can't you?
If you're not from NZ / AU you're immediately disqualified due to immigration laws, that's the first thing.

On topic, I wanna see these buffs to searing bond and bear trap. :3

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