3.10.1g Patch Notes (restartless)

GGG pls improve game stability
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You did it GGG. You made Delve as broken as rest of this game. Good turn of events! Keep up the good work! ;)
With CHINESE company Tencent owning 51% of this game, it's no wonder they're attacking the world here too...meaning the CCP, not all Chinese so draw those claws back in.
Well GGG did something with this patch... Last week game runs ok.
Yesterday game was running ok. Today i booted up game...Cant even
start game...game crash at login screen, or in act4 mission 3 if im
lucky. Played the mission over and over for 5 levelups.
I was on Steam, now i swapped to GGGs launcher, still same problem.
MAN...What in gods name have u done with the game.
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Nice patch
tyty for you work :)
Standard also broken but holds a much longer time before crash.


So no patch this week? Nice... Tencent going bankrupt?
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4 crash freezes in a row now. 3 in one map. had 2 alt f4 twice. 2 deaths. what hap today? last couple weeks everything was smooth
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nada que ver con nada pero cuanto termina la liga delirium? para saber si sigo juntanto para HH o no me da tiempo

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