3.10.1g Patch Notes (restartless)

insane fps problems only after the installation, feels like cpu throttling but could be a wild coincidence. goes away when out of the game, so can only assume its the new patch. complete halts of gameplay even in menu.
Edit: appears to be alt-tabbing, only happening post-patch. CPU-throttle-like pauses and stutters.
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Did anyone elses loot filter stop working. It seems to be filtering everything now.
game keeps getting unexpected dissconnects after update... cant even finish a map without freezing/dcing
GGG pls improve game stability
Imagine investing hundreds of dollars in a game you used to be able to run fine just to find out the devs implemented so much trash you need to buy a top tier high-end PC to run it.

The day you prove me wrong you'll drop 5 mirrors from Emperor's Luck set.
last patch made game unplayable in deliruim for my 960gtx and i5 6300hq 2.3x4 fps drops at 0 for like 5 sec when i hit shrine or strongbox or any other large quantity of monsters apearing wasn't that huge problem before

I wanted to thank You GGG because of current shape that PoE is i have much more time for my other things. I didnt expected such care from Your side but thank You.
ok i was really hoping the fps bass drops weren't just me, but it seems there's quite a few others reporting the same issue.
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