[3.10] Durimon's Kinetic Bolts Ice Spear COC Assassin, 100% Del., 14 ex, FAST MAPPING

bluewelkin wrote:
4L is not enough for high dps I guess. If you can afford 6L, try kb + coc + spear + multiple proj. + lesser project. + added cold dmg

I've followed your advice and put K-Bolt on a 6L. The clearspeed is now amazing ! I just shred monsters through all the maps EZPZ.

But my DPS against bosses is bad, very bad. I don't understand why. I've checked your videos and I see how you destroy bosses like the Conquerors and Sirus.
How can you do that ??

My current build is not yours, granted, but it's quite similar.
I concede that my defenses are not "Durimon's defenses" ;) I don't have CI nor the cluster jewels, as I play in Std.
But just DPS-wise, I'm very far from you.

Could you check my PoB and tell me if I miss smth important ?

My current setup is :
* Void Battery + Corona Solaris wands
* K-Bolt + CoC + Fireball
* Spellslinger : Wave of Conviction + Proj Weakness

Thx in advance for any help !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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hey ty for your answer.

you are right my Crit chance is: 97,3 % :/


Hello, for some reason i cant even get close to your dps on bossing, i got all jewels, almost all passive points, the only ones i dont have are the ones on the far left, i got all the items, some even better, and still, takes aloot to kill bosses with cold pen or lesser multi proj
POB: https://pastebin.com/BbACgCWW

Idk if i'm doing something wrong or there's something wrong with my items, the only thing that i dont have is the 100% hit chance, which i got only 98% but should be doable.
Could you help me please?
Hi, sorry for posting again but I'm searching for increased attack speed wands in the market and there aren't any. Is there a way to craft them or am I missing something?
Luka061111 wrote:
Hello, for some reason i cant even get close to your dps on bossing

Same for me. I have improved my stuff. Now got 100% hit and crit with two Void Batteries.
Mapping is very fast.
With K-Bolt + Ball Lightning and Inpulsa, it's one click and the screen explodes.
It's very fun.

But couldn't kill t14 bosses.
So I tried a Fireball + Volley support with Wave of Conviction + Proj Weakness on Spellslinger, then added the Militant Faith jewel. PoB says 210k per hit without flasks.
It's better, I can down t16 bosses but no way to do a Conqueror. I rip all my portals before removing half of their life... Haven't even tried Drox, which would take forever.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Which socket does the militant faith go in? The pob doesn't show
Under MoM.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

I was wondering how your CWDT setup with cold snap, frostbite, and curse on hit is supposed to work? in-game it is saying CWDT is incompatible with cold snap.

The same goes for the CWDT with frost bomb, molten shell and wave of conviction. i got WoC to work but the other 2 do not.

EDIT: after some digging, I discovered that I had overleveled my gems to a point where lvl 1 CWDT no longer was compatible. fixed the issue
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