[3.10] Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike Crit Slayer



Hi there, I'm Fillamington. I started playing PoE in 2.5 (Breach League) and this is my first written build guide so bear with me if it's badly written/formatted. Due to quite a few people whispering me in-game about my character that's on poe.ninja I've decided to do this write up since explaining stuff multiple times in-game does get tiring after a while (sorry). I'll try and respond to people's questions in the thread to the best of my ability.

This build revolves using the mostly neglected unique 2h sword Oro's Sacrifice. This is not exactly a cheap build because I do recommend that if you plan on following this guide, I consider a 6L Oro's Sacrifice with the corruption "socketed gems are supported by lvl 10 fortify" to be almost mandatory for the end-game as it adds a significant amount of damage and more importantly defense while freeing up a link. (Honestly a 6l oros without fortify will probably carry you through red maps with ease due the amount of damage currently available, its just that you'll probably die more often.)

Content done with this build?
Everything with the exception of Aul since I've only seen him once this league on a different character. Conquerors, Awakener 8, Guardians, U.Elder, Simulacrum, T16 100% delirium maps(very rippy with beyond in juiced maps however.) Blight Maps are doable but definitely not recommended.

What is Flicker Strike?
Flicker Strike is an attack skill that teleports you towards a nearby enemy which when combined with multistrike gives you a DBZ style flurry of attacks on an enemy. It has a cooldown which can be bypassed by expending a frenzy charge. Oro's Sacrifice generates a frenzy charge when you ignite an enemy, thus we have infinite frenzy charge generation for our teleporting shenanigans.

Flicker Strike is not for everyone as some people may experience nausea/headaches during play. Test it yourself before proceeding to invest.

Why not Paradoxica/Saviour?
Paradoxica/saviour is a much stronger flicker striker and it can abuse impale or go full cold conversion. But I like Oros. I also like fire. It also happens to be the first unique I used extensively in PoE.

What defenses do you have?
- Permanent Fortify
- 40/30% chance to dodge attacks/spells
- 3 endurance charges via smashing strikes with an immortal call setup
- 76/76/76 max resistances
- Tri-balanced resistance for Wise Oak
- Arctic Armour
- Unaffected by bleed
- Immune to Chill/Cold (only with crafted mods, quite expensive too.)
- Vaal Pact Leech + reduced damage taken while leeching
- Natural Jank flicker strike teleportation
- 6k+ life

What about your damage then?
With my current gear and ele damage instead of melee splash
Ancestral Warchief up, not Vaal one, approximately 16mil or so.


You'll need an Oro's Sacrifice (ideally with a fortify implicit) for this build. It has a very high fire base damage but a low base crit of 5% and increases the amount of phys /fire you take by 10%. These two downsides is mitigated/negated by the use of the slayer keystone Overwhelm which changes the base crit to 7.5% which is far more reasonable to work with. Arctic Armour reduces phys/fire damage you take while stationary by 12/13%.


A rare helmet with flicker strike damage per frenzy charge is your best choice. If you want to throw more money to make it better, buy an ilvl 85 base with the enchant to Warlords Exalt slam and hope you hit "nearby enemies have 9% reduced fire resistance". The other enchant "40% increased Flicker Strike Damage" is also a good choice. You can use a unique with said enchantments but you'll have to make up the resistances lost elsewhere.

Body Armour

Kaom's Heart is a cheap (this league) and good choice since it gives us a good amount of life and fire damage. It does have the downside of reducing the number of gem sockets we have available but I feel its worth the price. Getting one with a % damage implicit is quite expensive however. You can use a rare chestpiece with +crit chance or additional curse etcetera but you'll have to supplement the lack of life elsewhere on the tree with more life nodes.


Xoph's is an incredible amulet for its price at the moment. The covered in ash debuff is a 20% increased damage taken by enemies combined with the 10% fire penetration makes it very hard to beat than a rare and comparable amulets are extremely expensive and in my opinion not worth spending on unless you have a large amount of exalts you'd like to spend. Xoph's blood does not have int and you can't run Atziri's Promise with it so there's that I suppose.

Run Smashing Strikes for endurance charge generation when you crit. If you like more damage at the cost of dying then Forces of Nature is good.


Use rings with good res/life (int if you need too) and if possible a flammability or assassin's mark on hit ring with life/ele damage/crit multi/fire damage to attacks. Personally I feel Flammability is better but Assassin's Mark does offer power charge generation during mapping.


Tailwind boots multi-crafted with cannot be chilled/frozen is more of a QoL thing as it means I don't need to have a freeze immune flask in my setup. If this is too expensive for you, then just use a pair of rare boots with life/res/movespeed and use a flask of heating somewhere in your setup. You can also run a pair of darkray vectors if you want more frenzy charges.


Spiked gloves with a +1 frenzy and temple mod for burning enemies with life is my setup and honestly I wasn't expecting to hit the +1 frenzy when slamming. It's very unlikely so I can only recommend that you go for either a pair of rare gloves with attack speed/life/fire damage against burning enemies or a pair of warlords gloves with +1 frenzy.


A stygian vise with life/ele damage and resistances if you need them. Avoid resistances here if you want to throw on a Headhunter while mapping.

Rare jewels with life>melee/global/two handed critical strike multiplier>melee damage/fire damage > resistances if you need them.

Cluster jewels - find a 8 passive skill one with two jewel sockets and cremator. Cremator I cannot recommend enough. Without it you'll occasionally die to a pack of porcupines and it gets real annoying fast.


Life flask for healing or you can swap in a quicksilver if you don't care about that and want more speed during mapping. Wise Oak gives us 10-15% fire penetration and 10% reduced damage taken from all three elements when all resistances are perfectly balanced. Cinderhulk for onslaught/% life gain on kill, critical strike chance and enemies take 10% increased damage. Diamond flask because we're a critical strike build and add warding to make us immune to curses. Bottled Faith is only applicable for bosses or targets that stand still. Swap in another flask here if you desire.
DO NOT RUN A LION's ROAR, that flask only adds more physical damage which we do none of. Better off running a magic basalt/granite instead.

Flicker strike > Multistrike > Inspiration > Combustion > Close Combat > Melee splash/Elemental damage with Attack Skills

Multistrike for multiple attacks with one frenzy charge expenditure, Inspiration for the increased critical strike chance, more elemental damage and importantly it reduces the cost of flicker strike. Without it, flicker strike has quite the hefty mana cost of 50+ per use. Combustion decreases fire resistance of the target who is ignited and more fire damage and close combat's bonus damage is always active for flicker strike since we're always up close and personal. Melee splash for clear, swap it with elemental damage if you need single target DPS. Use the awakened versions if you have the money for them. Awakened Multistrike is about 10% more total dps for my character but it comes at a heft price tag of 45ex +.

Anger > Precision > Arctic Armour > Enlighten

Anger gives fire damage. Fire damage is good. Anger is good. Precision gives a good amount of critical chance. Arctic Armour negates the increased damage taken when using Oro's Sacrifice. Enlighten gives us more mana to work with but if you have only money for a lvl 3 one, just reduce the lvl of precision until you have enough mana to work with.

Cast When Damage Taken > Wave of Conviction | Dash > Second Wind

Wave of conviction applies a fire exposure debuff which reduces hit enemies resistances by 25% of the highest damage type which is always fire with our tree's fire damage scaling. Cast When Damage Taken casts Wave of conviction when you take a certain amount of damage depending on gem lvl. Leave both CWDT and Wave of Conviction at lvl 1 to proc them as easily as possible. Dash/second wind can be swapped with leap slam if you so desire but I prefer dash as its instant and can't be cucked by Uber Elder sucking you.

Vaal Ancestral Warchief | Blood Rage | Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call

Vaal Warchief is used when you need more dps burst. Blood rage gives more attack speed which is nice and frenzy charge on kill which is also nice. Immortal Call stops us from being bursted hard from physical damage especially when it consumes endurance charges. CWDT and Immortal Call here should be as high as possible.

WTF why are you not using Herald of Ash? Arctic Armour doesn't work when you're moving!
Herald of Ash does nothing for attacks if you have no physical damage to add as extra fire. Since Oros has no physical damage on its own, there's no real point of running Herald of Ash unless you want to see the explosions I guess. Arctic Armour does work with flicker strike. MarkGGG explains it better than I could so I'll just quote what he said.

Flicker striking (and over teleports) have always moved you, but they do so instantly. That means the movement takes no time, and thus there is no point in time at which you were moving, so effects which happen "while moving" can't apply.

However, the fact that you did move means you weren't continuously stationary, so the "buildup" effect of the Tukohama pantheon power resets.

You did move, but there was no time at which you were moving, because your movement took 0 time. This is the same as why players can still leech with instant leech, but don't benefit from "while leeching" effects because there's no point in time at which they can be said to "be leeching".

Its a bit of a weird explanation but that was because he was responding to a question as to why arctic armor works with flicker but not the Tukohama pantheon physical damage reduction while stationary.
TLDR: Flicker strike makes you continuously stationary and moving but moves you instantly. Since Arctic armour activates instantly the moment you're stationary it works. If you don't believe me, buy a crusaders chestpiece with consecrated ground while stationary and check your regeneration while flickering. It will be much higher than when moving.

Bandits: Kill Alira
Alira gives 20% to critical strike multiplier, 15% all elemental resistance and 5mp/s. You can potentially go for the kill all bandits but personally I prefer the 20 crit mult and all res.

Ascendancy: Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour > Overwhelm > Impact/Headsman

Brutal Fervor tree gives stun immunity, overleech, bleed immunity and reduced damage taken with other nice offensive stats. Very nice Quality of Life. The Bane of Legends tree is decent but since we already have cull on Oro's Sacrifice, I feel its kinda of a waste to overlap the effects. Overwhelm makes its Oro's base crit chance actually usuable and also makes enemies do less damage with critical strikes against you. As for Headsman and Impact, Headsman gives more damage during mapping than Impact but Impact is more consistent damage and it also makes sure our accuracy is always maxed out. Pick whichever one you prefer.

Pantheon: Solaris/Lunaris, Shakari/Gruthkul
Between Solaris and Lunaris, I personally prefer Solaris especially with the 8% reduced ele damage taken if you havent been hit recently but either is good when upgraded. Choose whatever you like.

Shakari gives 5% reduced chaos damage taken but the real goodies is when upgraded it gives us poison immunity which is lovely. Makes Hunter even more of a joke to do. Gruthkul is nice defensively as well. These two are pretty much the only pantheons I use. Ryslatha is good for lab but I don't run lab and when I do I usually forget to change anyways. Just don't use Tukohama, we're not continuously stationary meaning you'll never reach its full effects.

Path of Building(s)
Clean Slate: https://pastebin.com/UCZiEnvF
This one is a literal clean slate, with no items but an uncorrupted clean 6l oro's (drops combustion in favour of fortify), a wise oak alongside some other magic flasks (Blood of the karui can be replaced with any life flask or even another utility flask if you so desire) which can be moved around and some slightly modified gems. Basically fill in whatever you need into the empty slots.

Budget: https://pastebin.com/8U9xgJsV
This is a more budget version of the one below. Changed the watcher's eye to be two lines, gloves, bottled faith swapped out, clean Kaom's heart and gem links. Boots don't have to be tailwind and chill/freeze immune but if you don't have a pair like that, then you'll need to get a freeze immune flask instead. Also it's a lvl 92 tree.

Current: https://pastebin.com/b7vFVjRf
This one is my current items etcetera with a ridiculous watcher's eye that you should not copy and gloves which was a happy accident alongside current gem links and flasks. Very expensive. As to why some gear seems cheap that's because it is. Its too much effort for met to perfectly rebalance my resistances with new gear for wise oak.

Both of the PoB's use Melee splash for the 6th link as I usually can't be bothered switching to elemental damage with attack skills unless its something like Awakener.

Also, when using PoB make sure you're using the LocalIdentity's/community Fork for more accurate dps calculations.

Uber Elder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET2S9ZGtW-g
Awakener 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kch7WZ8xoLY
Simulacrum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzXMhq4J6QY

If there's anything else ask below and I'll try and answer them as well as I can. I'm pretty much done with the league so response time may be slow, apologies.

12/05/2020 - added pantheons, some more formatting.
14/06/2020 - added a clean slate PoB.
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Nice build, im gonna try it, wish me luck!
I only have 1 question, what flask can i use instead of bottled faith, too expensive for me right now
Nice build, im gonna try it, wish me luck!
I only have 1 question, what flask can i use instead of bottled faith, too expensive for me right now

Thanks and good luck. Replace bottled faith with another magic flask such as a quicksilver or basalt with whatever you need as a suffix (freeze immune, curse immune or etcetera) or a unique flask such as Rumi's Concoction.
Hello, I would have liked to know which god you use in the pantheon
Hello, I would have liked to know which god you use in the pantheon

Added, I go by Solaris but Lunaris is also fine to go. For the lesser pantheons, Shakari for poison immunity or Gruthkul. I suppose Garukhan is okay too. Ryslatha only for lab.
roflcopterab wrote:
Hello, I would have liked to know which god you use in the pantheon

Added, I go by Solaris but Lunaris is also fine to go. For the lesser pantheons, Shakari for poison immunity or Gruthkul. I suppose Garukhan is okay too. Ryslatha only for lab.

Thx for info ;)
GGG_bex teased that they are gonna buff 2 handers somewhere on reddit.so i think this build would become much stronger.
Yea that'd be really nice. 2H got shafted hard especially rare exquisite blades with the removal of the fortify mods from the 2H elder mod pool. I'd personally like to see something of a sword-equivalent of a quiver e.g a sheath/scabbard. Dual wielding as of now is so much better because of the innate bonuses they get (10% more attack speed, 20% more physical damage).
How do you deal with mana on this build? Seems like I run out so fast in a fight.
Isobar wrote:
How do you deal with mana on this build? Seems like I run out so fast in a fight.

I use inspiration support which reduces the mana cost significantly, like from 60 to 30.

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