3.10.1f Patch Notes

Quite sad; another patch, the league is almost closing, but the useless timer is still there.
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Pathetic, this league is simply still unplayable,. this patch is .... so .... drama- 3-5 dc during 5 min of mapping, I have no words.......
Hall of grandmasters achievement woke pop

I've made a bug report thread, the 'Dash + second wind desync' fix only made it more obvious there's an issue with it

Fixed a bug where shocks applied by the Cold Conduction cluster jewel notable had their magnitudes and duration inversed.

Does this mean that shocks weren't being applied correctly? Or that shocks were being applied, but for something like -15%?

I had a build that was self-chilling/shocking using a combination of Icefang Orbit, Winterweave, Golden Rule, Cold Conduction, and Maligaro's Restraint. How would this bug have affected my character?
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Cannot launch the game anymore... neither from Steam (even after re-installation), nor from the local client ...
It is trying to start the log-in page, but stopping during GGG first page.

Please revert or advise!

EDIT: was working perfectly yesterday. Config Core i5 9600K, GeForce GTX 1660
Error Microsoft Runtime Library (Visual C++)
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Delirium Improvements
Many Map Bosses that have immunity phases now cause the Delirium mist to pause its movement during those periods of immunity.

No difference on Elder Guardian Maps.
it's seems like delirium broken - timer doesn't stop after starting encounters like alva,cassia,legion. On strand mist can disappear and you cant outrun it. If rewards drops in elder guardian on first or second stage the will disappear after guardian kill.

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