[3.10] Hollow Palm Frenzy Impale Raider. 28mil dps--5.8K Life Capped Dodge--ALL CONTENT--Videos

Hi there, got bored and wanted to try something new in Harvest so I took this build for a spin. I didn't fully read about the impale nerfs until I was already leveled (oops!), but I'm still dealing good damage and it's fun to play. I usually play high life or max block build, so evade/dodge is a nice change.

PoB is here: https://pastebin.com/PVuUcH2d

The PoB is quite accurate - I edited my Brutal Restraint jewel to take into account added notables (got 15% dex and 5% attack speed). It looks like PoB figures out the +2/+4 dex nodes fine.

I'm using awakened ancestral call and brutality, instead of doing any gem swaps. With explode chest you don't really need melee splash, and I like ancestral call even for boss fights because you get some range so you can dodge degen patches/melee attacks easier while still dealing damage. I seem to be around 5m DPS according to PoB, which feels right. I also don't usually use Dread Banner except for bosses to help with QoL with mana (only using enlighten 3). My flask setup is just using stuff I had lying around, so can improve there (currently using sulphur flask with curse immune, could swap to lion's roar and get curse immune elsewhere).

At level 92 now, so cluster jewels are not quite finished (taking filler 4% life nodes until I can use another Fettle small cluster).

In terms of gear I'm pretty much done:

Only upgrades right now are the body armor, working on another piece that gives me some more life and dex, just need to fix the res:

And possibly upgrading the vulnerability curse ring to get flat dex (super rare/expensive though). Res is kind of an issue for that, but if I get a new small Fettle cluster I can fix the res a little bit there.

Thanks for the guide!
i recommend vaal ancestral warchief totem. link it with maim or culling strike. i linked mine with both. going full on dps. took out vaal grace since 4seconds of it is, meh. on bosses, you put out both totems and jsut slap the boss silly

Shitysushi - Arrow shooting build.
Sendeliriante - hollow palmer
only 1 downside with this build. since the majority BiS items are easily obtainable uniques..... it is fairly inexpensive and easy to get it to nearly top level performance, so hard to pursue item "upgrades" are there are basically just 2 rings to improve and the rest would be jewels.
so for someone like myself that does not start new builds and rarely plays league, i am basically sitting at top of my char item progression as most of my items only have tiny marginal improvements left.

maybe a triple pride watcher's eye..... aside from recrafting small cluster jewels that i am still working on trying to get a perfect one.
Shitysushi - Arrow shooting build.
Sendeliriante - hollow palmer
on the elusive version the resistente are soo damn low how can you play like that omg
This build is better with smite... smite has more AoE more damage (or about the same) and cost less mana

Doing bosses in red maps takes a while even with like 520k tooltip (also rares take time to kill) and the longer you wait around the more you die from getting hit

Res is a big problem on this build as everyone can see (im running purity of elements lol) and getting wildwrap to 5 red 1 blue (or green for frenzy) is REALLY HARD

I still have to go with this is not a very good build since it takes way to long to kill some bosses and its leech is not very good so you cant out leech getting hit by these guys but i have to say it does make lvling pretty easy atleast up till a point where the bosses take longer to kill stuff

EDIT also i gotta say the videos you posted seem to have WAY higher damage then what my build has and i basically have the same stuff other then a little dex on ring and the other 15% on the belt (also enchant but i dont think that would do much for the damage) i would take you have about 40kish more damage with these things so its not really that big and it looks like your doing a lot more damage then i am somehow (you killed rares in a t16 in 1/2 hits takes longer then that by like 4 hits in some of these t12-14 rituals)
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