[3.10] Hollow Palm Frenzy Impale Raider. 28mil dps--5.8K Life Capped Dodge--ALL CONTENT--Videos

Hey guys,

As this build is doing insane damage and having decent survivability, so I decided to do my first build guide :D
This build is initially inspired by Mathil, and I did quite some changes and swapping things around. I Would like to share what I've got until this point.


Thank you so much for playing my build in the delirium league, I really do appreciate it.

I just want to let you guys know that this thread will no longer be updated cuz my job is going to be resumed, and I might not be able to spend that much time creating/updating a build guide, or even play in the next league.

If I do happened to play and create a new build guide, I will def let you guys know. (only if you're here in the future, and thank you for being here)

Again, Thank you.

Change logs

4/28 adds Pantheon, simulacrum vid, FAQ
4/28 gets another unique medium jewel. 26mil dps. Update pob
4/29 adds Tree Progression vid, adds Intuitive leap
4/30 adds T16 delirium vid, brutal restraint vid
5/1 adds no witness dodge cluster jewel into the build
6/15 thread closed (?)

Mechanics Explained

Hollow palm gives you 14 to 20 added physical damage per 10dex and 60% attack speed when you don't have gloves, weapon equipped.
You also count as Dual-wielding
So higher dex = higher damage

Pros and Cons about the build

+ All Content
+ Insane Damage
+ good survive (5.8k life with capped dodged optimal)
+ low investment to begin
+ Versatile
+ Best leveling experience

- Very melee without ancestral call
- Can't do physical reflect map
- Gem swap for single target
- Too many uniques, Resists could be hard capping


A8 Redeemer:

A8 Warlord:

A8 Crusader:

A8 Hunter:

A8 Sirus: (deathless with tons of mistakes)

Normal Elder:

Shaper Deathless:

Uber Elder Deathless:

T16 Minotaur with mist bonus hp:

Simulacrum wave 18-20 with Kosis wave 19:

T16 Delirium Malformation Deathless:


Rapid Assault
Avatar of the Chase
Way of the Poacher
Avatar of the Slaughter

Early Leveling & Tree Progression

Try to survive until you hit the closest outer jewel socket, and put on On with nothing jewel
get astramentis when you hit lv 20, and you will destroy everything

At lv 30, get a thief torment for mana sustain

Tree Progression


Skill Link

Our Main Skill

Single Target:
Frenzy-Impale-MultiStrike-Fotify Support-Melee Physical Support-Brutality Support

Map Clear:
Frenzy-Impale-MultiStrike-Fotify Support-Melee Splash Support-Ancestral Call Support

Uber Elder/lazy boss setup:
Because of the minion phase, we need ancestral call to make the fight easier
Frenzy-Impale-MultiStrike-Fotify Support-Brutality Support-Ancestral Call Support

Awakening gem:
MultiStrike, Brutality, Ancestral Call, Melee Splash, Melee Phys

Flame Dash or Dash Both works

Aura set up
Because of the skill cost, I use enlighten to have a larger mana pool
Maim-Flesh and Stone-Pride-Enlighten
Dread Banner

Use Precision if you have a nice Watcher's Eye
Use Vaal Grace for MORE dodge, pretty much face tank double boss in simulacrum wave 20

If you can't get curse on hit on your rings. You can drop Maim and Enlighten for
Spell Totem-Vulnerability

How do I have the right colors?
See FAQ for detail, but here's the video guide

Flasks Selection

Life Flask

Instant recovery/Bleeding Immue flask
Both works, but Blood of the Karui sucks on less life recovery map mod

Mana Flask

Very crucial on the "flask effect is not removed at full mana" for boss fights.
Pop when killing bosses, especially during conquerors/sirus fights

Damage Flask

Basically gives you a lot of damage

Movement Speed

We don't need Silver Flask because we gain onslaught from our ascendency

Utility Flask

I personally like Stibnite Flask for the smoke cloud.
Can also use Quartz Flask if u already have blind on hit from brutal restraint

Gear Selection



You can use a rare helmet if you cannot fit resists

Body Armor:

Dps armor:

Life armor:

I personally prefer the rare chest, because it gives you more life, and better mapping experience with explode mod.




If you can cap your resists, garukhan will be your best choice.



I personally think Astramentis would be the go to, as many gem needs attri requirement (pride 159str, enlighten 96int)
Amulet with %dex+ increased damage per 15 dex + life would be a slight upgrade for astramentis if u can fix the attribute requirement.



Or a rare belt with resist and %dex/flat dex if you cannot fit resists.

Cyclopean Coil gives us LOTS of dex, cannot be frozen will also help us a lot
If you have enough currency, Headhunter can definitely fit into this build


Stats to look for:
2.vulnerability curse on hit
3.mana leech if you don't have one in your tree


Large Cluster Jewel

You need two large cluster jewels with 12% attack dmg while dual-wielding or 10% attack dmg (Both works)

Things to Look for:
Most Important
Deep Cuts -- 1 additional impale stack
8 passives -- as it is the most efficient
2 jewel sockets
Other useful nodes
1.Feed the Fury -- life leech
2.Fuel the Fight -- Mana leech
3.Smite the Weak -- extra damage on maimed enemy
4.Martial Prowess -- more damage but less than smite the weak

Small Cluster Jewel

One With Nothing -- Can't play without it

Things to look for
1.Fettle -- Lots of Life
2.No Witness (From DODGE jewel, NOT evasion) -- gain elusive on kill, very good defensive layer in mapping
3. (optional) Feast of Flesh -- life leech if you can't get it from the large cluster

I personally use two small cluster jewels, one for fettle, another one for no witness.

If you are short on currency, look for 2 passives fettle (usually cheaper), and 3 passives no witness. Again, the goal is to cap the resist. You can work with 2 passives on both jewels if the resists allow.

For the small passives addons

Base Jewel

Things to look for
4.dual wielding mods

Upgrade Priority

1.Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel

try to get at least 2 good mods
Gives us 200 more dex with good rolls
blind on hit if you are lucky

Things to look for
2.flat dex
3.Blind on hit
4.Attack and Cast speed

Jewel showcase:

2.Watcher's Eye

Things to look for:
1. Impales you inflicted last 2 additional hit while using pride -- must have
2. Chance to deal double damage while using pride
3. precision mods if you are lucky

3. Megalomaniac jewel


1.Deep Cut
2.Wish for Death -- Culling strike against cursed enemy
3.Force Multiplier -- Double damage
4.Iron Breaker -- Enemies have -10% to phys attack


1.No Witness -- Elusive
2.Aerialist -- %dex and dodge
3.Shifting shadow -- blind on hit and 20 dex
4.Fettle -- Life

4. Intuitive Leap

get one at later stage (before or after getting the ambidexterity)
saves us 4 passives, and spend three passive points on the top right to get the jewel socket for the Watcher's eye. The remaining one point for Acuity.


Helm: 9% frenzy damage per frenzy charge (7 frenzy charge = 63% damage)
Boots: 80% chance to avoid being stunned if you've killed recently (Heart of Oak gives us 20%, so we never get stunned)


Tenacity -- Increase in maximum life also applies to attack damage
oil: 2 golden, 1 crimson

Pantheon and Bandits

Major: Lunaris -- more dodge
Minor: Shakari -- cuz we dont have much chaos resist

It's all about preference, you can take garukhan for more MS as well

Kill All

My Current Gear

POB Link

Starter version:

5K8 Life with elusive version (28mil dps):

36.8mil dps version w/o elusive (theory craft, mirror investment, took 2 points on 30str/int for gem attribute):


Q: Why Tenacity, not Tribal Fury?
A: We need to swap gems for single target either way, I would prefer Tenacity.

Q: Would cyclone work?
A: Yes, it's basically a hollow palm template. Many hollow palm builds can make use of these unique items. I just think Frenzy has higher damage and better mapping.

Q: Why don't you go left on the passive tree?
A: I was going left in the beginning, but I figured that it was too many passives traveling. So I decided to drop the left-hand side, and grab another cluster jewel.

Q: Rare or Unique? When to change? What to use?
A: If you can cap your resists, unique items would be the best (except for the chest).

Q: How to cap my resists?
A: Base jewels and small cluster jewels with 3 passives. Look for what you're missing.

Q: How do I have the right colors on my helm and chest?
A: Since these are high-dex items, 4 off-colors is quite impossible using chroms. We would be utilizing the socket crafting method to have the right colors. Basically we start off as two sockets, and color those into your desired colors, then craft three sockets see if it's the right color you want, if not go back to 2sockets, going back and forth...
Here's the video guide for coloring:

Thank you so much for reading. Stay sane, Exile.
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Looks great!


1) Estimate price

2) Would cyclone work? If not how much worse is it?
your normal elder and t16 minotaur videos are swapped around

your normal elder and t16 minotaur videos are swapped around

Fixed, thanks
Looks great!


1) Estimate price

2) Would cyclone work? If not how much worse is it?

1. So without expensive gears, and optimal cluster jewels (cheap one: deep cut + anything + 2sockets) you should do it about 5-10exa max. The Final version depends, because most of my investment goes to the ring, which is all about the resist and curse. I would say about 100exa for the whole build.

2. Yes, cyclone works. I did cyclone hollow palm as Berserker, and I had about 16mil dps at the end. I didn't play too long in my character cuz I did not like it.

Here is why:
1) Frenzy has a broader ranger than cyclone in mapping (thanks to ancestral call)
2) I personally think Frenzy also has higher damage, which I do have in my case.
3) Needs to spam molten shell and warcry as cyclone while Frenzy is just dash and kill.
4) Raider is fast with movement speed. (7 frenzy charges)
Will Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel override all the notable?

They must be really good if they do because those are some strong notables (could you screenshot yours for en example).

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How much dps would I lose if I play with Smite instead of Frenzy? And where does Frenzy get's Aoe from?
Ghams wrote:
How much dps would I lose if I play with Smite instead of Frenzy? And where does Frenzy get's Aoe from?

Ancestral Call(and/or Multistrike support if you want).
Last edited by Phlier on Apr 29, 2020, 12:41:02 PM
Will Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel override all the notable?
It doesn't override any notable, only keystones.
It adds random property from its list to every notable you pick in radius and you can get some good stuff like 5% increased dexterity. But you need to be lucky or reroll jewel a lot.
Great guide, thank you!

Quick question... I guess I should just do the math, but I'm lazy and I want to get back to the game. ;)

Does your Enlighten Support gem give you enough reserved mana reduction for you to use Grace all of the time, or are you only using the Vaal Grace skill as an "oh, crap!" button?

I still haven't found an Enlighten Support gem (grinding Ashen Woods maps still), so I'm just using the Vaal Grace as an "oh, crap!" button rather than having the aura up all the time. Needless to say, I'd *really* like to have the aura up all the time.

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