New Microtransactions - Get a Free Mystery Box when You Spend Points

I was wondering when I saw the Challenge reward's why there are 2 back attachment's and no portal.

Now I know cause GGG would rather make extra bank instead of doing what they have always done 1 of each Mtx slot (3 in total) now we get 2 Mtx for the same slot and the Portal gets sold in the Store.

Just WHY GGG stick to your thing's and do 3 Challenge reward's that don't overlap and then sell the overlap in the Store I don't mind you making more Money just don't take stuff from Player's to do so.
very nice
Selling portals we should have earned via in game challenges instead for real money, and advertising streamer only races that we can't participate in?

What a joke, absolutely pathetic.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
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Bought all 3 Portals and throwing them into the Random Portal Mix lol

Now please Add Back the Original Music for Lioneye's Watch into our Music Hideout List so We can enjoy that original Nostalgia when 1st playing PoE & that would be Stupendous!
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haha, so it wasn't a "conspiracy theory" if people said that they would sell the delirium portal.

the challenge rewards this league are utter crap and getting two back attachments just shows that selling this was the plan all along. no, thanks, please keep them. i'll stick to wetas and skin transfers to use my remaining points and then keep my money.

"nooo, you can't just sell these portals!"
"hahaha, ggg's bank account goes brrrr"
Nice one, been wanting that legion portal since the league.
In game contact @MajorAsshole

Challenge T-Shirt: 4/6 | Full Challenge Totems: 21/27
"we've prepared several single-day sales for Path of Exile's most popular microtransactions, including the Sin and Innocence, Glimmerwood, Celestial cosmetic effects and more!"

When will the sale be? I can't find the sin effects
Everyone should bouycott all mtx purchases to pressure GGG to fix the forever broken things in PoE such as but not limited to:

1. Trade-chat: move the search function in-game so each item has a one-button WTB.
    For ease of use, not easier to use. Please don't confuse the two.
2. Game balance: herald build anyone?... enough said.
3. Endgame boss off-screen attacking mechanics. (bullshit to the max!)
4. Any and all one-shot bullshit just because you (GGG) don't know how to make challenging
    boss fights for the elite to slow down their racing.
5. Stop worrying about the elite outlier racers getting to 100 in 3 days.
    Balance play for the 98% and let the no-lifers/racers have their 100 ladder rankings.
6. Make party play work... period. First step is giving us a fade out slider option in the
    graphics settings for the fx effects of skills.
    We need (demand) an option to dial down on this visual clusterfuck. Visual pollution
    must stop if we are to ever successfully party play.
7. Better debugging so PoE isn't always in a constant beta-state of code.
    With only 3 months from league to league there is only one way, GGG must have two dev.
    teams to code, debug, and balance challenge leagues so individual teams have a 6 month
    challenge league development cycle. Playing half-baked code all the time is way beyond
    tiresome and frustrating in 2020. GGG is long past being an indie startup company.

Let's all pressure GGG to improve product quality of play. Yes, yes, I know, I know... so many PoE playing fools and their money (Sigh!).
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
does this need to use point in site shop or ingame shop also count?
Awesome, im getting all 3.
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