3.10.1e Patch Notes (restartless)

Ha, never mind. Turns out I hadn't closed the client last night so there was already a copy running. Closed it and then the patch went through with no issues. That'll teach me.
dysprosium66 wrote:
Infinite loading in JPGW still not fixed.
This happens after 3.10.1d. Is this gonna be remaining forever? Should I quit this game?

Yes to all.
Hopefully that will fix the crashes, yday I was trying to buy a fenumus for spider craft, crashed 3 times trying to tp to the seller.

Btw thanks to the nice Russian guy who was patient and even tped to me to sell me the beast. :)
My game has crashed 4 times in an hour for no apparent reason since this patch. Was perfectly fine before. Thanks GGG. Guess I'll find another game to play. :/
Still major frame drops when I click legion stone, when metamorph spawns, and when Sirus splits. FPS is also just generally lower across the board, lower than it used to be in earlier leagues, whenever mobs spawn.
"you will need to restart your client to receive the client changes."
G - loGic.

it means the servers don't need to be restarted to apply the patch, only the players
When i tried to complete Tropical Island map i had like 3 crashes and one death because of lag. It is just annoying. Before i could run two, sometimes 3 maps without crash (exept Delve - this works way better that rest of the game). Now? It is just... wanting me to drop.

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