[3.10] Cry Havoc "Lag Proof" Warcry Berserker (Tanky | High DPS | All Content Viable)

rmodestia wrote:
Hi, tks for the guide.

I was thinking about using Breathstealer with Cleansed Thoughts for chaos res. What do you think?

You're welcome. I think it's probably only a temporary measure but if you do you should may want to swap Blessed out for Born of Chaos because Cleansed Thoughts doubles your chaos resistance so the higher your max res the more effect you can get from it.

So for example if you have 43% chaos resistance this will be doubled to 86% BUT you would need a total of 103% chaos resistance on gear to get to that 43% (-60 + 103 = 43). Gloves can roll up to 35% chaos resistance on them, so you're giving up life on your gloves for ~8% chaos resistance and ease of gearing.

Also as a note some of the auras from Breathstealers are % of Physical Damage as extra elemental damage meaning if you keep Brutality you won't benefit from them. I'd say keeping Awakened Brutality is probably still better than the alternative but it's something to play around with if you do use them.


In summary: It's not a bad idea especially if you can't find a good pair of rare gloves. But I think you should keep an eye out for rares as long-term that's better unless you're able to take out brutality and take advantage of the phys as extra auras (such as if you were to delve a lot).
In light of the Development Manifesto and the Patch Notes I'm going to be updating this guide for 3.11 shortly. A lot of sweeping changes have come so quite a bit could change.
Guess we're not taking the cluster jewel route this league. The warcry cluster jewels arent worth taking now I reckon. Looking like our ramp up to full rage is gonna take a lot longer.
I think 1 cluster is still going to be worth using.

But I don't think berserker is worth using anymore, it's looking more solid to go Champion and take Imbalanced Guard, and possibly Wind Dancer + work in blind.


Rough PoB with Bladestorm, Cyclone, Perforate but it really feels like it's become a totally different build.
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