[3.11] (Smite) Fire and Lightning Slayer

in my version i used only 1 drive the destruction for life leech, no adrenaline.

seems that ends up being a minor nerf to the basic version that we can compensate for with https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hematophagy nodes granting up to 30% increased maximum leech
I still do not think that it make sense to invest into leech. Enduring Cry provides 2k regen with zero investments. So as long as you can reach Call to Arms it will easily beat Vaal Pact most of the time. And all leech nodes are kinda bad without Vaal Pact.

Also i have tried to roll some large cluster jewels and this is nightmare. Looks like weight of notables and 2 sockets got lowered a lot. Although Vengeful Commander is still pretty common, so it might be fine i guess.
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In my mind the 6 second cooldown on Enduring cry is far worse than a consistent overleech.

Also, I think it would make sense for us to use Ancestral Cry for clear, and 1k~ armour on bosses.

In terms of Leech, here is an option I found that gives some great damage, the main leech node, and Iron reflexes if desired. Thread of Hope very large.

The only hard jewel I think could be the 2 socket with good notables, but maybe harvest crafting is an option? We can use plenty of large clusters:

(feed the fury + precise retaliation + x, really lots of choices for shield)
attack damage
attack damage while holding a shield

(vengeful + disorienting + corrosive/prismatic/maybe sadist)
elemental damage
fire damage
lightning damage

Also.. I was thinking while the current shield is great for life, the new Emperor's Vigilance (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Emperor%27s_Vigilance) Could maybe work really well with
https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Soul_Tether or https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Immortal_Ambition

Giving us 50%~ attack and spell block with glancing blows - and overleech for the energy shield.

Of course.. that means this doesn't have to be a slayer anymore (or at least dont go overleech node), but slayer has such good damage I'm not sure what other ascendancy to go(berserker?)

Sorry, this is a bit derailed I guess from the original build, but you are a great sounding board and I really want to make this build or similar work again going forward.
Enduring Cry also works with Increased Duration and Second Wind, so you can keep it active like 95% of the time.

Ancestral Cry do not work with Multistrike.

Regarding cluster jewels, feed the fury notable weight is now 200+.
Target crafting is still a thing. But i am pretty sure that it will also heavily affect fossil market. And currently due to low drop ratio of seeds it's a bit annoying to reroll items. I mean you still can get useful cluster jewel but with much greater efforts than previous league.

Emperor's Vigilance - Looks like this shield is created for hybrid builds. So Corrupted Soul also should be added.

Slayer still great choose even without leech nodes: Bane of Legends and Overwhelm are both very strong. Berserker and Ascendant also extremely strong for any elemental attack build (personally i prefer Ascendant).

It is always nice to brainstorm on build improvements. The main signature of this build is Aura usage so i am glad to discuss any other builds that tend to use similar mechanic.
At some point i will update this build for 3.11, it still should work quite well with minor changes. I just do not think that it's a good build for start of the leagues considering changes to cluster jewels.

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Made minor update. Looks like it doesn't make sense to add any major changes.

Brutal Fervour tree in my opinion is better than Bane of Legends even without Vaal Pact:
* Feed the Fury still is one of the most powerful notables in the game.
* Hard to get good life leech without overleech due to low attack speed of Smite
* Better QOL due to higher attack speed and immunity to stun/bleed

Considering how strong non Vaal Pact builds this leagues Scion and Berserker should be very strong with non Vaal Pact tree. Will add POB theorycraft trees later.
ca i build play this build with champion?
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stardustzz wrote:
ca i build play this build with champion?

Will work well. Worthy Foe should be very strong, since due to high mana reservation this build can not use Precision.

You could remove Vaal Pact from standard tree (still need to get life leech node near Vaal Pact) and use elemental cluster jewels.
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Hey, could u tell which gear would be good for leveling? I have not much expierience yet and I don't know where to put focus on when it comes to gear while leveling.
Bijudama wrote:
Hey, could u tell which gear would be good for leveling? I have not much expierience yet and I don't know where to put focus on when it comes to gear while leveling.

See https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2828126/page/2#p23147460
I still haven't added appropriate leveling section, but this build needs minimum 70-80 lvl to start working, since you need enough points for at least one full large cluster and have to deal with huge mana reservation.

So i recommend to level with one hand weapon with high phys dps + shield. Weapon can be crafted with harvest (phys or attack mod seeds). Other gear do not matter much as long as it have life or resists. Good unique for leveling are: Goldrim, Tabula, Belt of the Deceiver.
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Alright, thank you for the answer

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