[3.12] Raider/Full Ele Fastest Cyclone/22M Sirus Dps/All content/5 seconds Sirus/5 Aura

I managed to get 40% vulnerability on the offering to the serpent gloves, it's good isn't it ?
Summary about replication of this build In-progress:

Let's start with cost, it is not cheap, even trying to snatch deals or buy half done items to finish with harvest, for now I've put around 30ex in it, with some placement sh*t items and unfinished items, and if I compare this to my cheap *ss Miner, it is a lot squishier and boss dmg is lacking as it very much relies on all buffs being in place - when they are though, dmg seems plenty.
To push it over the OP edge requires some items costing in 10-40 ex range (rings, belt, amulet, helmet).

It is what it says to be, fast, very fast indeed, playing it feels good.

For now i opted to doing Heist with it, it has worked out for the best, as you just zoom through it.
Mapping can work out as well (just need explo chest for smoother clear, which is still in progress), but High tier bosses I still switch to my miner to do.

My stats ~ lvl81 (still leveling), 3.2k life, about 4mil top dps from pob (fluctuates a lot, in tooltip you can see many numbers 200k-1.5mil).

My aim is to finish this one by end of the league, at least a reason to play longer than a month as I usually do.

Been taking it slow, level 89, but now it's feeling a lot better, can clear T16 no issues, still some random one shots occur, I would say that is the biggest weakpoint for this build - the EHP is way too low, and dodge/evade is great until it does not work.

I'm at 4.1k life, around 5m-7m dps (still needs improvement).
Still a lot of space holder items, and unfinished items, harvest crafts just won't give what i need.

Is very fun until you get one shotted once, twice in a row.
The best dps check i did I think was lvl82 or lvl83 Baran - still died once, but killed him in about twice the ammount of time my miner would, I say for now that is acceptable.

p.s. big upgrade was Bottled Faith and lvl21 cyclone. For now no awakened gems or quality gems either.
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Yeah i'm stuck at lvl 89, can't get to 90. One-shots are a real problem for my current build. if anyone has any pointers that would help lmao

I bought Farrul's fur. Best item in the game lmao
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Can i use Herald of Ice for that juicy juicy shatters ?
Smoqes87 wrote:
Can i use Herald of Ice for that juicy juicy shatters ?

You can, but explode chest is just a lot better, because of the conversion, explode is also affected by your ele dmg increases.
Explode chest will clear full packs/room off few mobs dying.
The last I remember about herald of ice, it's not as potent.

It is for a reason creator of build recommends the said auras, they have been optimised for the best outcome.
anyone have updates on their progress in 3.13 with the build? this build looks good but the comments above are very conflicting :c
My first ever LVL 100 char with this build! Verry very fast for mapping and a lot off fun to play. My gloves are directly from Fzt_NEDİM :) Thanks for the trade.

Bought some items few days ago (belt, amu, jewel) and crafted helm. killed a9 without it! If you like to play cyclone give this a try!!! You can check my profile for the char.
I've been following this build and I've noticed that the Cold Conduction passive skill has changed. It no longer shocks chilled enemies. What other ways might we effectively shock enemies?

The Shocking Strikes tree passive gives a 15% chance to shock, but I'm unsure if that is sufficient enough.

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