[3.10] Cyclone HH juicer - 173 curse effect / max HH duration - expensive but effective mapper

I am currently a 2h starforge slayer, Should I switch to 1h or stay with 2h?
Pretty much the same build except for gear and jewels oriented to curse effect.
How much money do I need to get started with the build when I already have headhunter? Around 30ex would make it?
I heard from some people you can go Inspired learning instead of HH for budget? do you think this is viable, would i have to change anything specifically, Going 3 inspired learning instead of the one you currently have?
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whats the pob for this build cant find it
ADLV1988 wrote:
whats the pob for this build cant find it

Roudin wrote:
I started playing this build after getting HH but I have some problems with surviving. Sometimes I get one shooted before I reach monsters, but still fun to play :D

3.10 nerfed HH self reflect REALLY hard. This build worked just as well as any other self reflect variants I tried but they all have the same inherent problem -- in order to get enough curse % you have to sacrifice a ton of gear slots and passive points so you end up with a really weak, low life character w/o any HH buffs, but they're ALL that way. This build is basically a meme build to play to have fun, not anything you'd ever use for serious progression purposes; hell, to make the build work optimally you gotta invest like 10c every map between alching, sextanting, qualitying, adding scarabs/fragments, beyond mod, etc. - so it isn't a build that you run for practical reason, it's a build you run because you want to be the hyooge and have a litle fun. Starting with the build is hard, and even with a bunch of HH stacks killing map bosses can still be hard and getting started isn't easy either.

I can recommend this build for fun, but I wouldn't recommend it for anything else other than breaking out every once in awhile for a break from your alts to have fun.

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