New Stygian Microtransactions

please for the love of god GGG give us more wand MTX and make effects apply to shields

yes pls
Dungeons IIII
what do you guys have against bows?
1 : gotta love all the butthurt littlemisspisspants still whining about the *FIX. grow the F up , also get gud.

2 : people complaining about the price , they arent forcing anyone to buy it ?!

3 : if you dont like GGG or PoE anymore , please for the love of god just get the F off these forums and off this game. you will not be missed. the purposefull harbinger FIX seperated the men from the boys.

it was a tough decision but you made the right one , i sencirely applaud you GGG and best of luck in these crazy times !

also , a special shoutout to this turdnugget

"Lets not fix our game, but instead release moar MTX"

dont take of the indoor helmet just yet, because the irony in this is palpable....
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nice, but bored of the blur all over the whole MTX nowadays...

lame AF
Playing for joy ♥

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looks incredibly ugly and lazily designed. Was this created from students from some elementary school ?
GGG refuses to buff Melee and gives every surivability tool to Spell/Ranged/Minion Builds because they dont play the game or at least melee themself.
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-The Truth
Let's address the performance issues, and then talk MTX. At best, this is a tone deaf time to release more ways for you to generate revenue.
thanks for adjusting the game so people won't abuse some "mechanics".

In other words, thanks for fixing the bugs and doing your job.
Sexy uWu
Lolomawisoft wrote:
please for the love of god GGG give us more wand MTX and make effects apply to shields

yes pls

Third on this. Why are bows, wands and shields getting the shaft forever more?
andrew8448 wrote:
Boo, no stygian bow :(

Seriously every time they release a new weapon mtx I think why not bow too?
I wouldn't even care if it was sold separately but god damn give us bow mtx ffs.

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