What Happened with Purposeful Harbinger

No offense, but being sorry doesn't give me back the last 2 weeks that I poured into this build, it does not give me back the 60 ex in put into this build.

The "notice" that you give us doesn't mean shit when the items that I bought or crafted are no longer valuable due to your actions and lies.

Being sorry doesn't fix my shit. You told us that nothing would happen and you lied.

Being sorry is a step in the right direction but fixing your mistakes actually means taking action to repair those mistakes.

Ps : by you, I do not mean Bex personally, but the whole GGG
nikolaipka wrote:
If you've read the Bex's post and in future you decide to flame or blame GGG,
first think what other company give you completely new game features every 3 months and what company will come and give an apology for such mistake.
I've been playing D2 since before LoD and with D3 release I just stopped. This is the real RPG like D2 used to be and I cant blame any of the staff when I know what game they made since the first leagues till now.
Well done GGG.

so in your logic, we shouldnt have feelings and opinions about anything and GGG cant do any wrong, and we should just love them because? makes sense
Players quickly began to ABUSE the intended effects of Purposeful Harbinger
You made the RIGHT decision to fix the broken exploit.

As soon as we made the decision to fix the functionality, we announced it to give people as much notice as possible.
I wish you had of hot-fixed it, then announced what you did to fix is a few days later. by holding off you just allowed some people to sell their over priced jewels and rip other players off!!!!! They all knew they were exploiting a broken mechanic and they ALL should have been punished with a hot fix not allowing them to rip off others.
LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
Now that you dealt with the OP broken stuff, can you please look into the fps issues? Was fine until 3.10.1 and after that every time I click delirium portal game has a massive stutter / choke, and I don't even play any graphic heavy spec... Graphic is set to low and tbh didn't have this issue before all the "improvements" to delirium.
dont worry, its ok
I am so SICK of all the hate that this BUG FIX is receiving. Yes it is a BUG FIX not a nerf. This bug totally broke the game in a way that should never happen. People need to understand that as complex as this game is there is no real way that every bug can be located and squashed. Even if they were to take a full year to test and polish a new league. It is that way in any piece of software.

Look at Windows and the fiascoes that follow every patch that Microsoft releases. Those bugs can affect people's real life earnings. Earnings that put food on the table, a roof over your head, and even allow you to play and support the games you love.

If you feel that you were harmed in any real tangible way then delete your characters, everything in your stash tabs, uninstall the game and never return.

you have no reason to apologize, it's a bug exploit.
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Also, your "it wont happen again" apology is kinda hard to believe considering that you guys have been doing the same mistake leagues after leagues (visual clarity).

Sorry but your apology is bs
Haters gonna hate, but thanks for the apology, you guys are amazing.
I'm on your side GGG, keep being awesome

(Also give us more voice lines/story for our exiles <3)

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