What Happened with Purposeful Harbinger

Keep doing an amazing job Bex, we need balance in the game.

Thank you for the update.
With the world going through such difficult times, we are fortunate just to have our health. It is important to keep perspective, even when the mistakes and other issues of the league frustrate us. We are lucky to have GGG and one of the best games ever made to entertain us, now more than ever.
Props to all of you for owning the mistake. Rooting for y'all, always.
I am just about the biggest fan boy of GGG there is. But holy hell how about a 1 week beta to flush this stuff out? Even the evil empire Blizzard does a good job with D3 and I participate every beta for them (and I don't even particularly like D3 that much).
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enough innuendo and double talk - just post a damn example of the new things already
FeelsBadMan.You make metabuilds every game.We had imbalanced cyclon(3.8 i guess).I had 2 ichimoji+tabula,and i had 2kk dps.For less then 50c.
And you rly buff summoners in 3.7 i guess.It was facetanking everything,and it was strong farmer,but a bit expencive.
Now you add in game "delirium orb".I dunno how much currency i need to put in my build(WITH PLAY STYLE I ENJOY,not miners,etc).I had build for 30exalts,and i cant clear even t8-t9 with 5 orbs on it.
You add nice content-so let me farm this,huh?
Naah,you gonna easy clear t16 with any modes,one shotting t16 bosses,but you gonna suck vs t8 5 orb maps.I died from 1 hit of magic monster.Rly?5k life,30% phys reduction.
Didnt saw info about this nerf,waste currency,and now i get a "nice nerf",bec you didnt noticed it,and making it on 3rd week of legue.
Mb you can make some closed beta test for couple players,who making meta builds,or something?You gonna get feedback from them before legue start,and you dont gonna waste my time again

Btw:ggg-THE BEST
Well, I feel this. Much better than being called an abuser.

Thanks for what it's worth.

120 hours. Will still mutter.
Did you try turning it off and on again?
Yea it sucks, I only rolled a new character and invested all my currency into the herald stuff after it was confirmed to not get nerfed. Literally poor now, but oh well, it's a game, more to play now lol.

Still love you guys, keep the great content coming!
You made the right decision, GGG. Thanks. Stick to it guys, keep up the good work and stay safe.

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