[3.10] Heraldry Cluster Guardian - 9k Es | 90% all res | 75% block | 10M+ boss dps

This build does not work in Harvest. Gl HF

3.10 Archive

nothing made the build unplayable. Our dmg still great, we lost some ES and defence but thats it. HAVE FUN & HAPPY LOOTING!

I quit league, I can answer questions on discord: Fori#8693

Build is ready, nothing I will change. Got 36/40 lvl98 solo. All content viable.

Next update will be at next league (3.11) expect nerf hammer, play it till its alive.

Scroll Down for Crit build to 2nd post!


The original plan did not include buff scaling anyways. We just gonna get back to rare amy/belt and back to Nebulis sceptre.

Switching main skill to Divine Ire. The action speed nerf on the Flow belt feels bad on EK, so any spell that does not rely on high cast speed is better.

You can do any phys spell like Blade vortex or even Bladefall.
If you decide to pick non phys skill, drop phys conversions, drop hatred and go crit with Precision. On this setup I can recommend Arc.

With ARC setup you need to go crit. Scroll down for Arc guide.

New gem setup:

POB Tree (fork)

The core of the build tree not changed, 5 passive Voice is more affordable so Im using 3 now wich grants 450% aura effect with Purposeful Harbinger

The last 3 medium clusters are Purposeful Harbinger/Endringer:

Switching out EK we can remove Ring of Blades and put those points in 2 Endbringers.

Reserve Clarity on life, lvl6 is enough in my case to be able to drop mana flask.

If you use Conquerors Efficiency jewel, Reserve lvl11 Clarity on MANA
(I play like this at lvl96)

I also drop Intuitive leap and replace with a Large Ring Thread of Hope and pick up Leadership with Reduced Mana, Soul Siphon for mana at Shadow and Arcane Expanse for extra aoe at Witch. We drop Overcharged with this change and save 1 passive point. If you use a rare amy you can craft +1 Min Frenzy charge so we dont lose dmg.

Purposeful Harbinger only affects auras from skills, we drop the Flow belt and use a rare one with high ES. Feel free to use anything in this slot to fill attributes and whatnot.

Previously Purposeful Harbinger aura scaling affected all other buffs like Tailwind, The Black Cane, Headhunter buffs and pretty much everything that showed up at your buff bar. This was unintended (Idk how it went thru playtesting, dont ask me) but now they changed the tag on Purposeful Harbinger and it will only affect auras granted from your skill gems. This will also remove Ascendancy scaling, most likely golem buffs and Consecrated ground scaling too. We will lose some ES and Phs dmg reduction. You also lose some DMG if you used any of these unintended action speed scaling mechanics. In the first place I designed the build without any of the unintended buffs and it worked nice so it will still work after patch.

This build works with any spell! I tried BV, EK and now playing with Divine Ire. Probably DI will be the best on this build afer the nerfs.
You can use pretty much any spell tho.

2020.04.12 - Updated leveling / Progression section
2020.04.10. - Added Catalyst section
2020.04.08. - Crit build updated on 2nd Post
2020.04.05. - 36/40 Challenges done with build mainly solo
2020.04.04. - Sirus 8 down on Divine Ire
2020.04.03. - Uber Elder down on Divine Ire
2020.04.02. - Patch update: We are good. / New Videos up
2020.04.01. - Scaling to 450% Aura is cheaper now. Helps to counter the ES / Dmg nerf
2020.03.30. - 400% Aura build is up, removed the 300% version. New is just way more superior.
2020.03.29. - 400% Aura effect map video up with EK - PoB in few days
2020.03.28. - 400% Aura effect build work in progress
2020.03.28. - Min required items are highlighted in red.
2020.03.27. - Optimized passive tree
2020.03.23. - 300% Aura effect build is functioning


+ You feel OP
+ Ez t16 Delirium content
+ Tanky af / 10k Es / 75% block / 90% all res / 90% PDR
+ Crazy ES regen with leech
+ Capped resists with purities, no need for any res on gear/tree
+ Can use basically any phys spell
+ 9 Auras and 5 heralds
+ Minmaxing is fun

- Somewhat expensive
- Not recommended for new players.
- Need generic understanding in mana reservation for aura setups.
- Passive point hungry
- Without tailwind boots, its slow at mapping
- Build start to function lvl80ish / Not the smoothest leveling
- Some calculations are off in POB

Passive / POB

Some calculations dont work, the POB Community Fork version works better

POB - Lvl 96 - DI -450% aura effect

POB - Lvl 95 - EK - 400% aura effect

POB Fork - Lvl 95 - EK - 400% aura effect

POB - Lvl 80 tree

This is the stage when your build start to function, Pick up Attribute nodes and respec when you get the Split Personality jewels. If you have currency for charisma annoint, you can drop the bottom right section

ES calculations are off, its more than what you see in POB

Build Explained / Cluster Jewels

Build is about stacking new cluster jewels to get 400% aura effect
With this much aura effect we get 90% max res from purities, 8+M mapping dps from Hatred/Wrath/Heralds, good Movement Speed and cast speed from The Flow belt, Lots of ES from Disc, and easy RF sustain.

Minimum Required:
2x Voices with 5 dead passives
1x Large rare cluster with Vengeful Commander / 2 sockets

(scroll down for 3 large rare cluster alternative)

Minimum Required:
6x Medium Cluster on Herald base with Heraldry / Purposeful Harbinger
2x Medium Cluster on Herald base with Endbringer / Purposeful Harbinger

6 Heraldry + 8 Purposeful Harbinger = 400% aura effect
(go for 9 jewels if you have 3 voices for 450% aura)

You dont need heraldry on last 2 medium jewels.

PRO TIP: There is no difference between 4 and 5 passive base and the mods can roll on Minion Herald base too

With the reduced herald reservation you are able to fit in all 5 heralds
Quick maths: 10% aura effect x 5 heralds x 8 Medium Jewels = 400% aura effect.

3x Split Personality with STR/ES
1x Split Personality with DEX/ES

You use the STR ones on right side of tree getting 48 / 50 / 52 STR and ES
Good synergy with Shapers Touch gloves
We need the dex one to fill attributes. Arrange the jewels in a way it fills the min dex requirement.

Minimum Required:
1x Small Cluster with Pure Might (30% PoF reservation)
You can get +DEX on this too if attributes needed.

1x Small Cluster with Energy From Naught (+100 es) (RECOMMENDED JEWEL)

If you are still short on Attributes you can get dex/str on each. This jewel
is optional if you are short on passves. Make sure you use a 2 passive base jewel

Minimum Required on EK build:

Place at Shadow jewel socket.
(Corruption is optional)

1x Intuitive Leap (OPTIONAL JEWEL on EK)

to get Overcharged. Power,Frenzy,Endurance charges. This jewel is optional.


I went with phys conversion to light. It gives great dmg and lets you drop Phys to Light gem. I like to have defence on 2nd mod.

Instead of the Optional jewels you can get rare jewel with ES/Mana/dmg or ES/Attributes.

This is how the 5 Passives Voices look like in action

Minimum Required if no Voices:
Budget - Rare Large Clusters instead of Voices
You need 3x 8 point large cluster with 2 jewel socket on each on a Spell dmg / Ele dmg / Cold dmg base.

Same tree as the main build tree with 400% aura. you will just use the Large rares instead of the voices with 6x Heraldry / Purposeful Harbinger.

For small clusters: 1x Energy from Naught, 1x Pure might, 2x Split personality str/es, 1x Split personality dex/es.

Expensive - 7 Passives Voice variant
with 2x 7 passive voice you are only 1 passive behind on each jewel. You either level higher or cut 2 aura passives at Influence (Near ghost reaver)
Expensive - 3 Passives Voice variant
You can either rework the whole build and invest into crit, or spend the leftover passives in ES or DMG Picking up Divine Judgement/Wrath/Fury with Thread of Hope.
Expensive - 1 Passive Voice variant
GG you won the game. Do a 3 large cluster build, basically pathing to the left at templar.

Char stats



Minimum Required:
Budget - Alpha's Howl.

You can skip Elighten 4 and Helm reservation enchant.

Expensive - Rare helm with 5% reduced mana mod, you need uber lab reservation enchant and Enlighten 4 gem with this setup
You can craft with Loathing essence or Lucent Fossils.


Expensive - 6L Shavs, no other option here. Mandatory item for Low life.

Minimum Required:
Budget- 5l shavs :)


Budget - Shaper's Touch. Im using it because I have STR on gear and on Jewels. Get with Ele Weakness corruption

Other Options - Rare gloves with ES/MANA Phys conversion. This would be BIS with Ele weakness on hit.
Ele Weakness corruption gives a lot of DMG

Minimum Required:
Budget - Sin Trek - Cheap boots, Good ES, helps with dex.

Expensive - Rare boots with Tailwind/ES/MS

Try to get better rolls than this


Minimum Required:

Nebulis because of the High resistances we have.

Prism Guardian mandatory for easy aura stacking. You can go with expensive corruptions. Im not quite there yet


Minimum Required:

Minimum Required: Charisma anointment
If you dont have the oils, you go allocate it or drop Haste.

Other option: Champion of the Cause anointment
This version lets you fit in Vitality but you need higher level to allocate Charisma. I recommend only on Crit build.

Minimum Required:

Best dps option is Call of the Brotherhood, conversion is the way to go.
Rare amy and belt with High ES.
Can ignore resistance because we are capped with Purities.

Current Gear

Gem Link

Can use any spell:

Divine Ire setup:

Etherel Knife setup:



(lvl21 Blood Magic is needed)
You need to use the aura on life what you reduce on helm enchant. In my case I use PoI helm enchant so I have that on life with lvl21 BM


Aura Setup guide

EXPENSIVE: WITH RARE HELM with 5% reserve mod + Uber lab aura reserve enchant:

There is a small cluster that reduces mana reserve on Purity of Ice / Fire / Light. Its mandatory to use at least one. I recommend either STR or DEX to fill attributes

The one you pick here needs to be on mana reserve with Enlighten 4 and you will need to pick a different helm enchan.

You use the aura with Blood magic, what you get on helm enchant.

Same as above with the jewels, except you dont need helm enchant and you dont need Enlighten 4

IMPORTANT: With Either helm variation:
- You reserve all heralds on MANA
- You reserve 3x 35% auras on MANA
- You reserve 1x 50% aura on MANA
- You use 3x 50% auras in PRISM.
- You reserve 1x 35% aura + Low (lvl6) Clarity on LIFE with lvl21 Blood Magic

Even more Budget option: Drop HASTE and fiddle with auras till you are below the 35% Low Life threshold and Have enough mana to cast ur skill

Watcher's Eye mods

Offensive recommended mods:
- #% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
- Damage Penetrates #% Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred
- #% increased Critical Strike Chance while affected by Wrath (For crit build)
- #% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred (For crit build)

Offensive viable mods:
- Damage Penetrates #% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath
- #% of Lightning Damage is Leeched as Energy Shield while affected by Wrath
- Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
- #% increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
- #% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
- #% increased Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
- #% increased Cast Speed while affected by Zealotry
- Gain Arcane Surge for 4 seconds when you create Consecrated Ground while affected by Zealotry

Defensive recomended mods:
- Gain #% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity
- Immune to Freeze while affected by Purity of Ice (if not using freeze immune boots/helm)

Defensive viable mods:
- Regenerate #% of Energy Shield per Second while affected by Discipline
- #% Chance to Block Spell Damage while affected by Discipline
- #% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline
- # Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline
- #% of Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality
- Regenerate # Life per Second while affected by Vitality
- You have Phasing while affected by Haste
- Unaffected by Temporal Chains while affected by Haste
- #% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage while affected by Purity of Fire
- Immune to Ignite while affected by Purity of Fire
- #% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage while affected by Purity of Ice
- #% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage while affected by Purity of Lightning

Generic trade search with 1dmg/1defence mods
(I recommend making your own search form)

All Watcher's mods:


Tempering Catalyst for more ES. Its especially good on Bated Breath

Turbulent Catalyst for more dmg conversion, (more dmg)

Tempering Catalyst for more ES on Rare amulet
Fertile Catalyst on Presence of Chayula for more Life/ES conversion
You might need lower lvl Clarity to use Fertile on Presence amy, conversion lowers ur overall HP


Radian Crusade - Radian Faith - Unwavering Faith - Bastion of Hope

We are noncrit build and we need passive points so
Kill all bandits

You can pretty much pick whatever you feel like or even ignore pantheons. I can recommend Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Shakari. Lunaris and Abberath can be an option too.

Leveling and Progression


In PoB at the bottom side you can select leveling tree and then work towards the 91+ version.

Note: This PoB is just meant to show the passive tree, no items/gem links

I skipped cluster jewels early on and picked up Runebinder and leveled with Orb of Storms + Storm Brand till lvl80 ish.
You want to pick up Life and ES nodes on tree and level as hybrid.
Generic caster setup.

Generic Leveling gear

Gem links

I Leveled with Storm Brand.

Storm Brand - Added Light - Control D. - Conc Effect - Arcane Surge - Light Pen

Arc - Added Light - Control D. - Spell Echo - Light Pen - Inspiration

Divine Ire - Arcane Surge - Control D. - Infused Channeling - Energy Leech - Cold Pen.

If you use Call of the Brotherhood or other dmg conversion, use Cold Pen instead of Light pen.

Cluster Jewel progression

Probably the biggest investment you will make is the Voices large cluster jewels and the purposeful harbinger, heraldry, and endbringer cluster jewels. Here is how I would progress.

Low Budget:
Purchase large rare cluster jewels with decent notables with TWO jewel sockets. You will need 3 of these. While it's not exactly cheap, I would go with 5 heraldry and purposeful harbinger and a single endbringer with purposeful harbinger. If mana is a problem, go with 6 heraldry/PH.

End Game:
Go for 2 Voices unique cluster jewels. You'll be able to buy 7 passive Voices for about 6.5 exalted at the time of this writing. You can get by with 2 of these and 1 large cluster jewel with 2 jewel sockets at the lower end of the budget.

High Budget:
Go for 3 voices with 3 or 5 passives.

Small Cluster Jewel Options:
You can use Energy for Naught or Savour the Moment for decent ES and regen. A small cluster with Pure Might will help with mana and strength requirements.

Gear Progression
You start with a generic leveling gear setup. Tabula etc.. Leveling will be rough but you can always join public parties and just force yourself to get to lvl72. By the time you reach 72 you will be able to equip all the aura gear and lvl20/20 gems

Example gear at lvl72

From this point progression will get easier, now just need to get higher level and farm currency meanwhile.

Make sure you at least have 3x Rare large cluster jewels with Heraldry/Purposeful like mentioned above. Upgrade Large rare clusters to Voices when possible.

3x Lare rare cluster with 6x PH = 300% Aura Effect.
2x Voices + 1x Large rare cluster with 7x PH = 350% Aura Effect.
3x Voices with 8x PH = 400% Aura Effect.

End game goal is to get to 400% Aura. More % you get higher your ES and DMG.

Aura Setup

Fitting all auras is a great challenge in this build. I wrote a little aura setup guide in the Gem section above.

For leveling use Discipline and Hatred and start filling up your other auras
Heralds and Purities as you unlock aura reservation. When you go put on Alphas howl and Prism guardian you can add more auras. Keep going till you reach the mandatory goal, then work towards the optional auras. Currently Im using all these below.

Mandatory in End game:
Herald of Ash
Herald of Ice
Herald of Thunder
Herald of Agony
Herald of Purity
Purity of Ice
Purity of Fire
Purity of Lightning

Clarity (lvl6-10)

This was just a short guide for players who felt a bit lost during leveling/progression. Read the full guide to have a better understanding of the build and try to understand the meaning behind particular things.

Keep in mind there are many variations of this Hearald stacking build. If something works for you keep it that way, you dont need to copypasta everything thats written here. I encourage you to experiment.

MY dmg seems low, what can I do to improve it

- Make sure you use Righteous Fire general mapping and Vaal RF on bosses. You should be able to sustain RF if you have ur resistance at 90% and you have 400% aura effect at least.
- Getting higher Aura effect helps ur dmg
- Get your support gems to 20/20 and 21/20 on main skill
- Watchers Eye with at least 1 dmg mod. (Conversion mod on noncrit build, Ele pen or Crit mod on crit buil
- Try to get Ele Weakness corruption on gloves, this gives a huge dmg boost.

MY ES seems low, what can I do to improve it

- Bated Breath belt gives more ES than a Rare. (You can still use Rare with STR if you use Shapers Touch. but Bated Breath gives slightly more ES)
- Give up on Tailwind and use Sin Trek boots
- A Rare amulet with T1 flat es and T1 %Es.
- Working towards a 450% aura effect setup will help boosting Discipline.
- Switching to rare helm with good ES will also help (You need 5% mana reserve and uber lab aura reservation on it too).
- Get to higher level. Each level will give you some ES and passive point you can spend.
- Insightfulness cluster gives a lot of ES, dont skip it.

Any of these upgrades are expensive but each will help to get to 8-9K.
On noncrit version Shapers Touch gloves also helps with ES with the STR you are stacking.

Can I use 2 voices with 7 passive skills which grant nothing?

A: Yes, I started the build with 300% aura effect and it worked. on lower aura effect you have more spare points what you can spend on ES (Arcane Focus, Arcane Will) You would want to get as much Aura effect as you can. Work towards 450%

Build is new, I can answer question in comments, will post common ones here

I can answer questions on discord: Fori#8693
Thanks 'Regret' guild for helping me with the theorycraft.
Credit for progression guide: MajWoody

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Crit build Archive

Some of the ideas are based on the noncrit version, I recommend reading through that guide first.


13M+ DPS
8,2k ES
2k ES regen /s (easier RF sustain)
60% Effective Crit chance with flask

+Vitality Aura for more Regen
+Presence of Chayula for Chaos res
+Doryani's Delusion boots to free up a gem socket
+Bated Breath belt for more ES (can still use rare belt with STR)
+Diamond Flask (Bottled Faith if u rich AF.)
+Maligaro's Virtuosity gloves for easy 300% crit multi

-Bit Less ES overall
-No exciting STR stacking
-No tailwind (can still use if you give up on Vitality)

POB (Community Fork)

Gem setup

VITALITY WOHOO (Need some extra STR for level it higher)


3x Voices with 5 dead passives

6x Medium Cluster on Herald base with Heraldry / Purposeful Harbinger
3x Medium Cluster on Herald base with Endbringer / Purposeful Harbinger

6 Heraldry + 9 Purposeful Harbinger = 450% aura effect

Extra Jewels
Getting base crit:

ES/Mana regen:

Easy Charisma:

Cold Pen watchers:

Filling Attributes and some ES:

Remaining jewel sockets with ES/MANA/Whatever dmg:


Because of Maligaros fixed crit multi on gloves, Alira bandit is useless.
Kill all bandits

Budget Version
Keep the Noncrit passive tree dont change anything in gear, dont add vitality aura. Just Get maligaro gloves

Credit for ideas: I_NO, Salient92
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Can i incorporate a HH into this build?
Ghinion wrote:
Can i incorporate a HH into this build?

Yes, it would work nicely
Why the damage conversion?
buttcommander wrote:
Why the damage conversion?

Anything that does "Added as extra" applies both before and after conversion and with the hatred scaling this goes over the roof.
Thats why double CotB rings pretty much bis on this build and on any other conversion build like The Eternity Shroud trickster.
Theres more about conversion here:
can i use 2 voices with 7 passive skills which grant nothing?
punjah604 wrote:
can i use 2 voices with 7 passive skills which grant nothing?

Yes, you can. between the 5 and 7 passive, theres only 1 dead passive difference

You can see the pathing here.

you dont go all the way around.
So in the end with 2x 7passive voices you are only 2 passives behind.

You either get to 94, cause Im pretty much done at 92 or you cut 2 points on the aura nodes (influence passive)
Interesting build. Damage seems meh but looks tanky AF

Maybe give some more info on low/mid budget options for early mapping (6l Shav is 6 Ex now)
Also would like to see some more clear/end game bossing damage setups

Got tired of playing my AW witch and looking for an easier play style which this build also seem to have. Don't have the curr for it yet but thinking of leveling a guardian and see how it goes

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