[3.10] Cobra Commander Dominating Blow - Best tank best damage for Sentinel Guardian 800k per minion

thanks for the very nice build, my previous league i played hoag mana guardian, now it got some nerfed, i switched to this one which is very fast for mapping, still die occasionally on yellow maps, will be min/maxing some more as i progress

i made a little change using arakali fang gear and shield. Also replaced the chayula presence with astramentis and the ming's heart

so this build can do reflected maps by popping worm jar, to create spiders do desecrate (spell cascade) > hold devine ire and pop worm jar (i find this way very reliable spider creation after testing all others spells.

feel free to let me know your thoughts

Some updates as i progress into red maps, i ended up dying a lot from ailments and stuns, so i redo the configuration with the chayula presence and stacking immunity

my minor pantheon is Shakari (poison immune) and using golden rule for corrupted blood immunity and increase defense while bleeding, the watcher's eye give me immunity to temporal curse and elemental weakness

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Sirius A5 down (level 86).

Really tanky, once I hit level 92 and unlocked Sirius at A8 I think he'll be a cake walk.

Here is how I hope my build will look at 92 (if I ever find the time to level): https://pastebin.com/gsefk112 in PoB it say that I don't have enough mana to support all the auras but it works in-game so I don't know if its bugged or not.

Note: These are my Sirius Flask, I use the same evade flask set-up as OP for mapping.

P.S: Vaal Grace at level 6 caps yours spell/attack dodge.
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Considering trying this out, I just like the aesthetic of running around with that big ass hammer. But I'm honestly not convinced it's as good as the standard scourge/prism guardian with a Shav's. It's definitely a cheaper option, I'll give it that. Atm a 6 white socket Shav's is around 7ex, and I can definitely afford that with my budget. Do you think I should opt for that version, or are you confident in this version?
I'm confident in this version though I havn't beaten S8 yet.

I also like have the 6L CWDT set-up because I'm lazy.
What Pantheons are mandatory for mapping?
And what amulet anointment should we get?
Man such a bad guide. Completely confused which skil goes in which skill slot. Which auras are using blood magic? The body is six lined. PoB one has CWDT setup this one in forum has other shennanigans. Totally confused.
Hi - I only have about 16k armor with all my auras up. How do you reach 30k plus? I've attached my current build.
PoB of changes suggested: https://pastebin.com/1UUrTyng

(Issue I found for my idea is that 5 Red 1 Green sockets on the Shavronne's Wrappings might be nearly impossible or very expensive)

I think I'll try this build out. Seems like a superior version of mine, only downside is that you have no HoP minions and can't use life potions.

I think using two maces with minion damage and one that has "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill" socketed with Flesh Offering, Desecrate and Vulnerability would be superior than your weapon. I too have my own version of the Dominating Blow build, I like to see people try different version.

You should drop the Golem and Holy Relic and use Spectres + Animate Guardian, you will be able to pull more DPS this way.

For Spectres use a Carnage Chieftan and a Host Chieftan for Frenzy Charges and Power Charges, link it with Blood Magic so they can spam the Charges.

And for Animate Guardian, use Leer Cast, Victario's Flight, Dying Breath, gloves and armor of your choice. This will give your minions more dps.

Why not use Writhing Jar to summon minions?

My build is here if you want ideas, I get 8M dps with Herald of Purity and Dominating Blow. Just trying to help.
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