[3.10] Cobra Commander Dominating Blow - Best tank best damage for Sentinel Guardian 800k per minion

ZaeN wrote:
I use splash for mapping where i hit & kill more mobs applying the spawn minion tag on them. It works all good with phys dmg, currently running with it

Desecrate is for spawning corpses to consume with flesh offering

Oh my god i forgot DB was about killing stuff with the debuff, I was getting it confused with HoP where you need to hit uniques.

My bad.

Thanks for answering my questions, I hope to make a lot of progress on gearing and gems today.

Ok what I'm struggling with now is how slow I am. No move speed, no attack speed. Desperate to get some more so it doesn't feel so sluggish.

Also have 3 sockets free, not sure what to do with them.
Chober Cairn is a slooow mace, you need to remove either meleephys or splash and use multistrike to get some very needed aspd which is very important (i think it boosts also minions shield charge)

Free slots are extra support, vulnerability, desecrate.

You can move discipline in the gloves and add a minion support there, minion damage or life, or a CWDT
OMG I cant believe I didnt have Multistrike in there, thank you!
Updated poblink and screens, the POB fork is becoming mandatory as it calulates impales and a lot of other stuff unsupported in the base pob
I'm at roughly 120k dps on the PoB tooltip, left side. I'm not looking at Shaper right now.

You're at about 800k.

Our gear is mostly the same, you have better rares but they don't add any dps, just better survivability.

You have the 2 medium clusters which I don't but that in total would only add 140k to mine. Our trees are different but there's no more damage nodes to take really.

So I'm struggling to figure out where to make up that other 500k dps...I don't see where it's coming from.

Yeah I can max out 21/23 my jewels but that doesn't actually add much dps.

Trying to figure out where the discrepancy is.
The pob link shows maximum achievable, the main things I saw different are:
melee phys dmg
flesh & stone
minion jewels
max effect pride

The rest i think comes from the passives but as you see there are quite some things missing each one adding 5-10% and they add up

Realy nice build i'm 78 and rolling on content. What annoitment would you but on our amulets? was thinking of Essence surge or faith and steel?

Fly safe
Is this build Awakener 8 viable?
Is this build Awakener 8 viable?

On paper yes, i personally didn't get to A8 tho

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