Get Your Free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box!

Thanks. Stay healthy. (hopes for a longer than normal league even if I don't like the league mechanic)
... is not a troll
Thank you, stay safe!
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
Danke !
Thanks for the green weapon effect GGG, I hope you all the best, stay safe and healthy! Let's keep working at home.
Thank you!
I was wondering why I had a box. lol

Thank you.
Stay safe developers, work from home as I do, play the game, enjoy your days. If the team needs some help from developers or something to beta test we are here for you. The best game in the world deserves such an honor. BEST REGARDS STAY SAFE
I haven't logged in in a while. Logged in and had to link steam account to exile.

Log in, go to store, no mystery box :-/

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