[3.14] Volatile Dead Spellslinger Necromancer | League Starter | Beginner Friendly

You can use the helmet enchant " spellslinger mana 10/15% reduction mana" that can help you a lot
is it just me or can i not open the pob
Having issues 6 socketing I can 4 Soc VD and that’s all.
Just got back into PoE since my last time (End of Harvest)
Seems like this build was nerfed quite a bit as I had to literally reset my tree, tweak my gears (sockets) etc...

I feel like we're less tanky, less quicker...

But still viable, from what I've done in a few red maps
why is it running hypothermia ?
I consider dropping frames a pro
This build is dead in 3.16, huh?
RIP Mjölnir
Wondering the same thing...

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