3.10.0e Patch Notes

3.10.0e Patch Notes

Delirium Improvements
  • Delirium mist now stops moving while all players in the area are engaged in a Blight Encounter, Betrayal Research encounter, Legion Encounter, Breach or Incursion.
  • Activating or completing several time-consuming gameplay elements causes the Delirium mist to stop moving for a set amount of time based on the encounter type. The following conditions cause the Delirium mist to stop moving: an Abyss crack reaching its next location, defeating a Harbinger, defeating a Metamorph, defeating a Red Bestiary beast, defeating an Essence Rare monster, opening a Perandus chest, opening a Strongbox, completing a Blight encounter, completing a Legion encounter and defeating a Betrayal target.
  • When you fulfill the requirements for a reward for the third time in a Delirium encounter, an additional reward type is now added and its requirements automatically fulfilled for the first reward. The new reward is fulfilled in tandem with the initial reward. In addition, when you fulfill the requirements for the initial reward a fifth time, a second reward type is added (again with the requirements automatically fulfilled for the first reward). These rewards are chosen at the exclusion of each other.
  • Reduced the likelihood of receiving Generic, Weapon, Armour and Trinket reward types.
  • Delirium mist now stops moving when no players are in the instance. This should allow players to leave an area to vendor and trade items during a Delirium encounter more freely.
  • Monsters killed in a Delirium encounter now give additional credit towards filling reward bars based on the distance that they are from the Delirium mirror.
  • Substantially reduced the amount of life that Delirium bosses have outside of the Simulacrum.
  • Substantially increased the amount of Splinters dropped by Delirium bosses outside of the Simulacrum.
  • Reduced the amount of life that Delirium bosses have in the Simulacrum by 50%.
  • Removed the "x% increased Monster Attack Speed" and "x% increased Monster Cast Speed" stats from the Chain, Maim, Hinder, Additional Projectile and "Action Speed cannot be modified to below base value" modifiers on Simulacrum waves.
  • Reduced the value of Attack, Cast and Movement Speed on various Simulacrum modifiers.
  • You can now keybind the "End Delirium Encounter" button in the Options menu.
  • Improved the visibility of the effects of the Icicle Wreath Delirium modifier.
  • Spite's orb skill now deals slightly more damage at higher levels and always applies Shock.
  • Made various adjustments to many Delirium modifiers:
  • Glaciator: Reduced impact damage by 25%.
  • Frozen Flume: Reduced range of projectile to prevent off-screening issues.
  • Conflagrating Path: Reduced damage by 40%
  • Scorched Earth: Reduced ignite damage that Unique Monsters gain by 33%.
  • Ring of Fire: Significantly reduced damage of Tornados, with greater reductions at higher levels.
  • Shockbomb: Reduced area of effect. Reduced explosion damage by 40%.
  • Bolt Cross: Reduced damage of Lightning Bolts by 50%.
  • Scatter Storm: Reduced projectile speed of orbs by 50%. Reduced damage of orbs by 20%.
  • Jagged Swell: Reduced damage of spikes by 33%.
  • Burrowing Blade: Reduced speed and travel distance of physical cascades. Reduced area of effect of weapon impact and physical cascades. Reduced weapon impact damage by 25%.
  • Crushing Leap: Reduced damage by 40%.
  • Vengeful Skyfire: Reduced damage by 25%.
  • Vengeful Blast: Reduced damage by 20%. Reduced area of effect by 20%.
  • Vengeful Soul: Reduced damage by 33%. Reduced area of effect by 40%. Now launches 4 projectiles (from 5). Reduced maximum range of projectiles to prevent off-screening issues.
  • Vengeful Bones: Reduced speed, travel distance and area of effect of physical cascades.
  • Vengeful Stalker: Reduced damage by 50%.
  • Banishing Flame: Reduced damage by 40%.
  • Cascading Storm: Reduced damage by 40%. Reduced number of Lightning impacts in each direction by 2.
  • Shatter Dead: Reduced damage by 30%.
  • Tentacle Fiends, Betrayal Healing Totems and Shakari's Tail can no longer be affected by Delirium modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Cores could have Delirium modifiers.
  • Fixed various cases where there could be long stretches in Delirium encounters that did not have Delirium monster packs or ground objects (which can spawn monsters).
  • Fixed a bug where the Vengeful Pack Delirium modifier was unable to spawn, preventing completion of the Complete Delirium Encounters III challenge.

General Improvements
  • Increased the cooldown of Sirus' Apparitions skills back to the same values as prior to 3.10.0. The cooldown will be slightly reduced at higher Awakening Levels.
  • Increased the distance at which Sirus' Storms move away from him.
  • Fixed a bug where some Chests were not receiving rarity modifiers as intended, causing them to drop many low-rarity items.
  • Fixed a bug where all sources of increased Buff Effect increased the maximum number of Virulence stacks that you could have.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur during a Breach encounter.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Xoph's Favoured as a Spectre.
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ty GGG! its awesome that so fast and so many fixes! gj GGG!

GGG pls read: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2797943

Please increase base time for timer in delirium

many new players punished hard by timer in delirium!
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more patchies .. for my precious
this is exciting
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