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Valkirth wrote:
... snip ...

Wow Cinderswallow Urn is a game changer for mapping ;)

About the watcher's eye where do you cool cats put it? Scrap a small cluster or the other cluster slot (4% mana)?

It' seems that power siphon gets added cold damge from Hatred, which sometimes, messes with elemental Quilibrium, to make monster more resistant to cold, how do you guys avoid that ?
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Since you move so much faster than your frost bolts, do ya'll treat this as melee as far as positioning yourself goes? I'm still adjusting to being so much quicker than my spell. & it's my first time playing with CI, so that's a pickle to get used to too, hah.
Man this build is crazy.
Sitting a 8.5k ES and damage is nuts.

Also with cinderswallow + watcher's eye it becomes very tanky.

Next step would be a spellslinger helmet enchant. This might take a while, man I hate lab ;)
This build is underrated as hell, I'm leveling a self curse char with it and I'm having more fun than I will have with the 300ex gear that awaits in my stash...
Deenore wrote:
Since you move so much faster than your frost bolts, do ya'll treat this as melee as far as positioning yourself goes? I'm still adjusting to being so much quicker than my spell. & it's my first time playing with CI, so that's a pickle to get used to too, hah.

if it is the only issue for you, you can maybe incorporate a source or two of proj speed but imho it is faily melee yes. Also it is a high ES build with glancing blow, be sure to have es on block, it's faily survival if you factor in enfeeble actually :').
I guess farming lab for the spellslinger enchant is just too much waste of time :/
If not using Frost shield what are the best Patheon combos for the build?

Frost Shield is nice but the degen can come up at the worse times :/

First of all I really gotta thank Clydehart for the great build guide and idea. Ive had a great league so far and this might be the most fun I've had with a build.
In the following I'll write some ideas for the CI Saqawal's Chest version as well as some general thoughts on the build.

The cheap CI version of the build was easy to start with and gear up, A8 and Maven were doable but there was always damage missing. I went with a ~650 ES Rare chest and %ES on block shield which I got a few days in the league (about 4 ex together) which made me unkillable but at the same time there was no budget for big damage mods like the +1 gem mod on the shield. So the boss fights were always long but doable.

Also the clearing speed wasn't that great and the playstyle was kind of clunky (still better than selfcast Vortex though). AS% on Gloves and wand really helped here. As for the damage instead of going the LL route I decided to stay with the CI version just because I think that the %ES on block mod is just straight up insane and I didnt want to ditch it. So I stayed in the general CI starter version until I could afford the mandatory shield for the expensive version and upgraded from there on. Now the only thing missing are tailwind boots, better gloves and maybe a Watcher's Eye.

As you can see I switched some things and theres a lot more to minmax (apart from gems, cluster jewel rolls and flask rolls)

For one I thought: - If we are playing Hextouch support why not Awakened Hextouch support for the Hexproof hits and on lvl 5 we might get a 3rd curse. So i grabbed an Ele Weakness on Hit Ring which is neat.
- Through Cluster Jewels, Saqawal's and the amulet implicit I was able to get enough dexterity and strength which is great for gearing in general and I can only recommend getting main stat on the small and medium jewels if it can push you above the mandatory stats.

- As for further upgrades I mentioned, tailwind boots are nice to have for QoL and general mapping.
- Really good would be a Spellslinger Mana Enchant on the helmet which would allow to drop the Charisma Annoint and go for the Tranquility Passive annoint which gives around 10% more Dmg. But there are no Rime Gaze with +2 gems and the enchant so I settled for a +4 helmet for now.
- And probably last (because we are talking about ~100 Ex here) would be a +2 gems, cold dot multi, spell dmg, trigger craft wand. But this really isnt necessary right now.

I spent around 150 Ex right now, gloves and boots will push it to around 200 Ex. Sirus dmg is at 2,8 mil Vortex dmg and 1,4 mil Creeping Frost dmg. Meanwhile I'm sitting at 9,3k ES and rarely die because of my own mistakes or stupidity but never because the content is too hard.

As for closing thoughts and general improvements which I personally didnt find here in the posts.

Get a Frostbite on Hit Ring asap and switch from Power Siphon to Frenzy. The QoL through the attack speed is enormous, mapping is way smoother and you gain a bit of dmg as well through the frenzy charges (even though you loose a bit because of the weaker curse). Still it was possibly the biggest QoL yet.
I personally found a Quartz flask for phasing really nice. Especially in the Maven style arenas and Valdo's Rest Harbi maps.
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Hi again:)
As i see many different options of how people use that build i would like to add my actual.

I am back after few years break, so i would like to hear your opinions and suggesstions for further upgreades.
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