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And here I am enjoying reading people's review.

Nevertheless, this is unrelated, FPS and Desync are my biggest problem. I understand only some of us have this kind of issue, but I never had any problem with other games that require high requirements. What kills the FUN and YOU is when the FPS drops to 1-10 when your screen starts exploding (All low settings) which is totally UNPLAYABLE. This is very important and frustrating at the same time. GGG should have optimization according to the user's GPU.

Anyway thanks for keeping this game alive for years!
I have shader cache on since start of the league, its not that.
Please do a further investigation since that is obviously not the issue.
Game has been performing like shit since blight so spend more time to find actual issue.
Anuwiel wrote:
So you don't want to get rid of the soft timer.

I don't understand that decision and the silence around it.

No timer would let slow and defensive build do the mapping at their own pace while still rewarding the glass canon builds : they clear faster so they already get more income per hour...

U want it all, don't you?
They get more income because they are 'glass canon', they take risks to get more rewards!
You want to be so defensive and safe, and still get as many rewards as ppl playing risky?
Sounds good, i have to say. Will see
bex_HB wrote:
glasseater wrote:

Cut spam.

Such a non-important side show in comparison ...


Looking forward to this, did not play some days now waiting for improvments "in the fog" ;)

your post seems to be "very non-important" too.
Awesome, but I will miss original difficulty, where you really need to actively dodge things and not passively dodge them with same character stat.

Maybe add original difficulty as "deadly Delirium" modifier?
I personally love the new changes to everything. But i can see why the players who are here for the challenge are really miffed. The difficulty of on death effects made it insanely fun, but I agree the dmg was too high. I really like that they don't do it nearly as often, but i see why the more hardcore/thrillseeker players are angry. But all around I love the changes :D
Most of the changes wouldn't be needed if the timer was removed. The gameplay is so rushed, arcade, running like a cockroach or jumping like a rabbit, faster and faster to keep with timers. Monster should be tough, pose a threat, deadly, but players should have time to fight them, to see what is going on. And with timer mechanics they are forced into movement/clear speed builds.
ign: Borlis
Smear wrote:
More nothing burger

Dude, seriously, go get your eyes checked.
Guud !!
Love :3

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