2.3m Tooltip w/ bare hands! Hollow Palm Raider

Hello and welcome to this small post about my Hollow Palm Raider. I just wanted to get this out there before Mathil posts his videos and everyone calls me copycat :) I don't really do formatting, so please excuse the look of this post.

Screenshots of DPS and Defense, and PoB Link (Which doesn't work for damage but atleast for gear and tree)


The point of this build is to stack dexterity. Following this simple principle, I use gear with a lot of dexterity.

The mandatory to start the build!

Kind of obvious. This is the build enabling unique

Stacking three of these in good positions at duelist, scion and templar gives huge dexterity bonus!

Kind of mandatory for higher maps

With almost 1.2k dex, these give 240 flat life w/ 30 ms and some flat dex. Rare boots can be good as well but will always give less flat life.

This for about 40c or The Nomad for about 30c (I don't know how to link that thing in here... you will find it). I used The Nomad up to level 86 because of the nice 20% all res and strength which I need for my astral plate.

Rest can be any rare items w/ dex and life and res

This is obviously not so easy to obtain. I used about 50 shrieking essence of sorrow to craft this. Astramentis or any rare amulet w/ 100+ dex is endgame viable. Use Ancestral Call until you can afford to annoint Primal Fury.

As much dex and life as you can get! My chest has quiet a lot of resistances so I could skip them almost entirely, making these rings rather cheap (10c afaik).

I upgraded to Fractal Thoughts with a new ring. It is amazing damage if you can manage the resistances.

Why would you not use Wildwrap? Yeah that would be hella fun! My buddy managed to get a Wildwrap w/ 4 red, 1 blue and 1 green socket. But green sockets are kind of useless for this build, faster attacks being pretty much the only thing usable. So this chest remains a dream (about 8k chromes for 4r-2c or 5r-1b according to Vorici calc)


I like my damage high and defense thick. Azubis Promise gives so much dmaage and nice leech. Recommended for 3c
Quartz flask for that 60/60 dodge chance
The rest is optional. If you are into SM, you can try to balance a Wise Oak.

In order of importance (I think)
Smite -> (Ancestral Call) -> Phys to Lightning -> Fortify -> Multistrike -> Ele Attacks -> Melee Phys
Note: Ancestral Call is amazing. I annointed "Tribal Fury" on my amulet, which is basicly AC. This allowed me to use melee damage as my last support gem. I would put it as my 2nd link, if not for my amulet <3

Other gems
Blasphemy w/ enfeeble for survivability or elemental weakness if you feel kinky
Hatred for damage, Grace for... ye no one really.
Dash linked to Second Wind
Ancestral Warchief Totem, basicly a more multiplier for bosses.
I think that's selfexplanatory, you may ask questions in the comments. :)
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Nice.. I was looking for some ideas for my next character. Will give this a whirl.
Ok.. this is busted DPS. Over 6k at L24 and I haven't even tried stacking any Dex on gear.. and I also haven't put the second jewel in yet.
Is fractal thoughts any good as it was for the other dex stacking specs?
Tbh I didn't actually know about that helmet. :D

It will give A LOT of damage, that's for sure. But managing your resistances will be difficult. If you don't have like 6 exalts budget, I would rather take a nice helmet with double 40+ resistance. So you can get a little crazy with the rings.
It is all about oportunity cost and money. But it would be possible to unclude this helmet with my current tree. I would need a better amulet/ring for that.

Ok I bought the perfect ring for my build. Excactly the res I needed and dex. Now I have this awesome Unique helmet and 2.36m DPS. Thanks for the suggestion! I lost 140 hp... but gained 20% damage. Worth it
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Why Smite? Would any other skill work/clear just as well?
I like the elemental conversion and the fast playstyle. Raider synergises better with elemental damage. For a physical cyclone build you could play berserker. With raider, infernal blow should work very well. Or Ice crash
What kind of skills can you use with hollow palm? Is there a list somewhere?
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Hey man, awesome guide! What is the recommended path in the ascendancy tree during the leveling process?
How is the map clear with this build ?

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