[3.10] Tanel's ZERKER WARCRY VAAL DOUBLE STRIKE Rage Machine - Super League Starter!

I give you to my Corona Virus!

This is my very first build guide where I talk so I am sorry if it´s not perfect.
I just try to cover everything needed and show the build in action!
Be sure to watch in 4k (3440x1440).

My FIRST Simulacarum run on a 5-LINK and ICHIMONJIS!

Hey everybody!
My name is Tanel -
I´m a casual PoE player from the Eastern Front.
The only real game I play is PoE and I always try to find new and interesting builds to play around with.. For this league I decided to go heavy with Double Strike and Berserker Ascendancy!
The added new cluster jewels instantly got my attention when seeing you can now get 5 RAGE (soon to be nerfed to 2 I belive lol) per warcry shout.. so a few endurance charges gets us to max 50 stacks and we can then use Berserk to melt every single target we see, PLUS we can take "Battle Cry" notable passive that makes our warcries INSTANT, lul.
We also use cluster jewels that give us Culling Strike, Intimidate, Elusive... the list is insane what the new jewels give us.. I belive this might be where POE 2 is going.. you craft your ascendancy essentially.
So after been playing for days and getting tons of fun, getting multiple exalts and having CRAZY good clearspeed for Melee and single target.. I thought I will make a new build guide!

Amazing Clear Speed thanks great attack speed with Leap Slam at 50 stacks of rage and Amazing clear thanks to Ancestral Call and Melee Splash that can be upgraded to Awakened and also Amazing Single Target thanks to Vaal Double Strike and Vaal Warchiefs with 50 stacks of rage burning down thanks to Berserk gem that we can prolong by keep casting our warcry!
Also thanks to our Ascendancy we Regenerate 25% Life and Mana with each warcry so we don´t need any mana flask and can have infinite decent life recovery, traps are a joke as is the Labyrinth.

Defenses are pretty decent as we kill everything in seconds but id say getting over 6k life could be problematic

PoB - https://pastebin.com/y9uD6xbp - Always feel free to add more life as you wish but I don´t think you should take any more damage nodes from here on!
The Tree:


VAAL Double Strike:
Vaal Double Strike-Ancestral Call-Melee Splash-Brutality-Impale-Melee Physical Damage OR Close Combat Support!
Feel free to add Awakened versions here in the late endgame!

VAAL Ancestral Warchief:
Vaal Ancestral Warchief-Brutality-Ruthless-Melee Physical Damage


Leap Slam:
Leap Slam-Faster Attacks-Fortify

Cast When Damage Taken-Immortal Call-Bloodrage
(I tried Molten Shell and felt the damage reduction we get from IC is much better but you can always try with Molten Shell if you feel like it or even Vaal Molten Shell if you find a good keybind for it)

Flesh & Stone-Skitterbots-Enlighten (Use STONE GOLEM until you get Enlighten lvl3+)-Berserk (Enlighten is still 6EX+ and I havent gotten it so I am just using Stone Golem right now and I actually dont even use Flesh & Stone so I could be using something totally different there aswell..)

Herald of Purity-Dread Banner-Enduring Cry-Precision

So as I am still playing and haven´t reached the late endgame I do wanna point out that feel free to find BETTER gear!
Like.. ideally you wan´t Jewelled Foils with near 2.0 Attack Speed that are 450-600 pDPS! This is the very late game you wanna aim for though.
Also try out the Saviour.. One saviour one 500 pDPS Foil.

For the other gear.. maybe gloves with +1 Target for melee skills.. but best just stick to the basics and get a ton of life on gloves with Phys Damage to Attacks and Attack Speed.. and maybe some resists.
Last league I spent a ton of currency to get culling strike and intimidate gloves... now we just fix this with ONE cluster jewel :D its pretty insane!

Get a Phys Pop Warlord 6-Link Astral Plate! Although with Melee Splash I feel it might be not even worth it anymore and there is a cluster jewel giving Phys Pop CHANCE.. endless possibilites really.

The Tailwind boots are nice but not necessary! Atleast we don´t have to get Tailwind + Elusive boots anymore as we can get decent Elusive from the cluster jewel!


Ichimonjis are great up until red maps even id say!
Great pDPS at a very low cost even very early in the league so buy them as soon as possible, you get to use them at level 58!
BEFORE that, get PRINCESS SABRES that you can get from level 10.
They carried me to 58 EASY!

In the late endgame try to buy 450-600+ pDPS Jewelled Foils with 2.0+ Attack Speed or close to this!
You can also try the build with one "The Saviour" sword!


As I am just levelling still this is what I am using right now. A 5link Elder chest that just had Crit Chance on it. It was almost 3x cheaper then Tier 1 crit chest.. and as I am going to change it out for a proper Warlords Phys Pop chest later on I didn´t wanna spend too much on it. Used "The Jewellers Touch" to get an easy 5-link. Or.. use a Tabula, if you brave!
I crafted 3 or 4 Phys pop Astral Plates last league and it took about 2000 Alteration Orbs to get this mod!!! I saved a ton of exalts and made very good profits when my Awakener Orb combo later with +1.4 Crit Attack chest gave me nice rolls on the combined item!


An Abyssus gives us great damage boost at the cost of some Physical Damage taken. Just try to buy the lowest Physical Damage taken version you can and hope to get 110%+ Crit multi with it :) It is BIS!


Haemophilias are GREAAT specially league start, they are just 1C almost every league and are great for clearing packs thanks to the bleed explosions.
ALTHOUGH as I´ve been playing and testing.. we are using Melee Splash always which is the main clear explosion that we do and overall the bleed pops didn´t feel that magical anymore PLUS we are going to get the Physical POP on Chest as a craft anyway later.. so might be better to just go and buy rare gloves with a ton of life, some phys to attacks and attack speed with resists!
No need to get Culling Strike + Intimidate combo anymore because.. CLUSTER JEWELS! But there is one mod that can be great and that is Hunters Gloves Strike Skills target 1 additional nearby Enemy. But getting other good stats to go with this could be very hard!


For boots I always try to get TAILWIND.. it is expensive BUT we again.. don´t have to get TAILWIND WITH ELUSIVE anymore as Elusive can be aquired via the new cluster jewel!!!
So just aim for Tailwind with an open Prefix to craft LIFE or Movement Speed.. BUT.. as we are super zoom with 50 stacks of rage and leap slam.. Movement Speed is not THAT important.. just get Tailwind boots with a TON of life and some resists and you are good to go!


The aim is to get.. A TON OF LIFE lol. So find a belt that has %8-12 Maximum Life roll on it with a flat 110+ LIFE.. then look for resists and such :)


So.. for rings, get one ring with ACCURACY.. 300+ ideally as we need Accuracy somewhere on our gear to get to 100% hit chance or atleast very close to it.. like 98%. Then Physical Damage to Attacks T1 rolls only and LIFE and Resists!
The other ring is our CURSE ring that is vital!! Get Assassins Mark on it.. or maybe some other curse if you wish.. I always try to craft one myself as a first ring in the league and hope I get great rolls! Aim for LIFE and Resists..
For Amulet just search for T1 Physical Damage to Attacks and T1 Critical Multiplier AND +1 Melee Strike Range as we are kinda like T-REX without range as a melee character.
Those three mods on one amulet are pennies.. litereally like 1-10C. Ideally you also want LIFE and Resists ofcourse.. so my strategy early in league is buy cheap ones that have 1-2 extra mods that I dont want and Anull Orb them off. Then MULTIMOD and craft the three mods you want!

DO NOT FORGET.. we can use CATALYSTS to further our LIFE or RESISTS on jewellrey now!!


So here is where the FUN part starts!! :D
First of all whenever you are searching for jewels search with as low amount of passive points on them as possible as that means you spend less points travelling to the Notable nodes you want. Each point less travelled is 5% Life in your tree!!!
Actually ZiggyD made a great video on the jewels recently, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybV37FGek60

As for us, we wanna get:
MEDIUM CLUSTER JEWEL 4-PASSIVES (15% Increased Warcry Buff Effect)
MEDIUM CLUSTER JEWEL 4-PASSIVES (5% Increased Effect of your Curses)

So for the Warcry jewel we aim to get MOB MENTALITY:

20% increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed
You and nearby Party members gain 5 Rage when you Warcry

(Inherent effects from having Rage are:
1% increased Attack Damage per 1 Rage
1% increased Attack Speed per 2 Rage
1% increased Movement Speed per 5 Rage)

So while we are fighting we just eighter just hold down our warcry button or spam it.. and we gain 5 rage up to 50 and also recover 20% of LIFE and MANA!
Absolutley busted lol. THEN.. when a target is showing ANY resistance.. hit that Berserk button.. put down Vaal Double Strike and Warchiefs 2x... and watch everything get un-coded from the game. Works great with legion encounters aswell! Just a beatuiful sight that brings a tear to your eye and a smile.

The other notable to go with Mob Mentality could be many things.. but really hard to get as the Mob Mentality node itself costs a lot of chaos.. so anything goes really but I think WARNING CALL is the best for us!

Warning Call
20% increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed
50% increased Melee Critical Strike Chance if you've Warcried Recently
+35% to Melee Critical Strike Multiplier if you've Warcried Recently

(Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)

So nice CDR so we can spam even more frequently and nice damage boost to go with it!

Next up the SMALL cluster jewel. Try to get a SOCKET in eighter the Warcry Jewel or the Curse jewel to fit this thing into..
But the Small Cluster Jewel comes with NO WITNESSES!

No Witnesses
10% chance to gain Elusive on Kill
25% increased Elusive Effect

(Elusive initially grants 15% chance to Dodge Spell or Attack Hits, and 30% increased Movement Speed. The buff reduces its effect over time, removing itself at 0% effect. If you already have an Elusive buff, you cannot gain Elusive)

So a great mobility skill and gives us Spell and Attack dodge on KILL!
As I mentioned earlier we can get it as a craft on BOOTS on CRIT STRIKE.. BUT.. it is so so expensive with decent Two-Toned boots with Tailwind combo so on kill is great as its just a movement speed buff and some dodge.. I mean.. if you can this could be even changed out to something else I just felt that Elusive was pretty cool to get.. might get a LIFE jewel instead though as our movement speed is insane with rage and leap slam already!

And LASTLY our CURSE jewel!
And this is almost as busted as the Warcry jewel. It has to have on it WISH FOR DEATH and MASTER OF FEAR.

Wish for Death
You have Culling Strike against Cursed Enemies
Curse Skills have 20% increased Skill Effect Duration

(Culling Strike means enemies that are on 10% or lower life after your Hit are Killed)

Master of Fear
Enemies you Curse are Intimidated
Enemies you Curse are Unnerved

(Intimidated enemies take 10% increased Attack Damage)
(Unnerved enemies take 10% increased Spell Damage)

There are other variants to go here like DARK DISCLOSURE that HINDERS enemy movement speed.. so go with what you can! :)
But a crazy jewel that gives us Culling Strike and Intimidate by just having a curse on hit on our ring!


Alright that about covers it for now!
If you have questions then just ask in the comments and I will try to reply!
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Interesting build. I am playing with something similar right now.

Although i decided that going the rage talents on the berserker tree is better than going aspect of carnage + blitz.

I think blitz is very counter-intuitive for this build; why stack crit chance and crit multi, and then take of 200%!!! of your crit chance? Makes no sense to me.

And also the triple effect of rage from rite of ruin feels incredible with clearspeed, especially because it's so easy to stack your rage fast with the 5rage shout notable
Last edited by hallohoofd on Mar 19, 2020, 9:38:04 AM
hallohoofd wrote:
Interesting build. I am playing with something similar right now.

Although i decided that going the rage talents on the berserker tree is better than going aspect of carnage + blitz.

I think blitz is very counter-intuitive for this build; why stack crit chance and crit multi, and then take of 200%!!! of your crit chance? Makes no sense to me.

And also the triple effect of rage from rite of ruin feels incredible with clearspeed, especially because it's so easy to stack your rage fast with the 5rage shout notable

Yeah that could be even MORE deeps. The degen from going that route though might be a bit too harsh.. but when I get to endgame and feel I need MORE damage I will try it out :)
It's true the degen is 5% per sec which is pretty high. With bloodrage too you actually degen quite a bit. But i find with warcry spam and leech u stay at max anyway.

The thing is i think the 5% degen is actually LESS BAD than the 10% increased taken from aspect of carnage.

Because when you die at this build it's not slowly over a couple seconds, but you die in a few seconds maximum. This means that the 5% degen PER SECOND isn't that bad
Anyway I went ahead and changed out my gloves now.. and clearspeed is even better lol.. because for just 40C I got T1 LIFE T1 Phys to Attacks and T2 Attack Speed on gloves.. crafted some more resists there aswell. The Bleed Pops we lose is not noticable as we use Melee Splash that clears amazingly well, specially when delving.
Life is getting up there!
How are you holding up in Deliriums ? Is it even viable to play this in the deliriums ?

I guess sustain is based on leech so when that disappears with the de-buffs how are you holding up ?

And how is your bossing going ?

Anyways thanks for the guide. I'm planning something similar, I hope it goes well.

Stay safe exile
IGN : Shpongle_Borealis
Mind_Sculptor wrote:
How are you holding up in Deliriums ? Is it even viable to play this in the deliriums ?

I guess sustain is based on leech so when that disappears with the de-buffs how are you holding up ?

And how is your bossing going ?

Anyways thanks for the guide. I'm planning something similar, I hope it goes well.

Stay safe exile

Hey there!

Here is my first Simulacarum run on a 5link! Made it to 18 waves..
Main thing is I still have... a 5link.. and Ichimonjis at 250pdps.. and 4k life.

Im now finishing yellow maps and yellow guardians and moving into reds but I wanna be at around 6k life when I reach reds. And I bought two foils, and for first time planning to craft my own foils.. 30% qual and 450-700pDPS. I have all the league and all my money is going to go under alteration orbs pretty much. The Merciless mod is the same as Phys Pop mod on chest so at around every 2000 alteration orbs I should 100% get it.. if not earlier or a tad later. I am totally fine with it.. then just hope for decent regal and multimod :D

For now it has been the most amazing build I´ve played in a long time..

Mapping and single target in T9-T10-s with all the crazy mods is very easy, map bosses are a joke still. Whenever I get into a map, I pop the Delirium mirror and then rush to kill everything on the map and the boss all under delirium. Haven´t died outside of Simulacarum for... ugh since I got to maps I think lol.. its an amazing build man!

edit: This is how T10 Blight maps look like with 5-LINK and ICHIMONJIS!

edit: T10 BARAN done, finally in reds, just enjoying the game :D not rushing.
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Any updates on red maps ?

I'm just about to get into maps myself.

It's true it might be difficult to get 6k HP while going the warcry route, I will provide my thoughts after a day or 2 of mapping.
IGN : Shpongle_Borealis
Aspect of carnage + Abyssus seems like its gonna be rough to survive in red maps....
In regards to Abyssus and Aspect of Carnage, I think the major challenge is more getting enough life. CLuster jewels are so attractive, but they also take points out of the "scion life wheel".

If not, there is always the possibility to drop Aspect of Carnage I think, I think damage can scale really well when you get good gear. It's something to consider for sure. Other problem is that the other notables from the Ascendacy are not that enticing.
IGN : Shpongle_Borealis

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